When thinking about digital advertising the first thing that typically comes to mind are large screens with moving images. For KitKat however, that’s not quite it had in mind for its latest advertising campaign.

Partnering with J. Walter Thompson and Mindshare, the Nestlé-owned company installed 20 billboards across Bogota; the capital of Colombia.

Unlike typical static billboards, inside these KitKat boards are tiny motors designed to give any passer-by leaning on the board a relaxing massage.

According to JWT: “Tiny motors in the sign activated a system that transferred pleasant vibrations to the lower and upper back of the user.

“All you had to do was lean against the billboard and it would give you a quick and comforting massage.”

KitKat’s global slogan is to ‘Take A Break, Have A KitKat’, so this seems to be the most effective way of getting that message across.

The campaign was taken one step further too, with KitKat targeting people on social media who happened to also be in Bogota at the time.

Anyone who tweeted things like ‘I’m so tired’ would promptly receive a reply from KitKat’s Colombian account suggesting that the user gets a massage from one of its boards – with a link to Google Maps showing the user nearby billboards.

This isn’t the first time advertisers have converted typical bus shelter advertising into something completely unique and eye catching.

In London Pepsi Max used a digital display and a camera to create an augmented reality experience for those standing at the bus shelter. Aliens abducted people, meteorites crashed to earth and a woman was carried away by hundreds of balloons.

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