Available worldwide, LightSlice provides a thin slice of broadcast quality video in a robust, waterproof package that can form displays of almost any shape.

With this launch the manufacturer is targeting outdoor and indoor events where set designs require creative video solutions that don’t conform to the traditional panel structure of standard LED screens.

In its native form the slice’s 10mm pixel pitch allows for a 10mm display surface.

However it is particularly suited for creating variable pitch displays with video effects and organic shapes to complement highly creative stage and set designs.

The digiLED Navigator-NV processor ensures that content is precisely mapped on the display and resolutions can be scaled to any custom requirement based on array alignment.

With multiple mounting methods, the LightSlice can be attached to truss, decking, catenary, scaffolding or custom structures.

“It’s a ‘use anywhere’ creative product,” explains Tom Mudd, displayLED’s technical director and LightSlice inventor. “You can bolt it to staging, hang it from fixing eyes, mount it on MAGfeet, build onto Rexroth or thread it on cables. Best of all, there’s no external power or data boxes.  We believe it will provide a great option across numerous markets, including live events, TV and for exhibitions.”

Placed end to end, many kilometres of LightSlice can create a display that can be as large as a customer requires it to be.

There is no need for external control boxes, repeater units or power supplies. Instead, the detachable ‘staple gun’ houses all of the power and data system required for one LightSlice, all contained within the body of the slice.

“This means less to ship, less to rig and less to worry about,’ Tom adds. “Having said that, if there is ever an issue with the system, clicking in a new staple gun to a Slice will fit a brand new PSU and data card, all in one package, in less than 15 seconds.”

digiLED is the product manufacturing arm of international screen specialist displayLED.


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