A residential studio in Devon that specialises in electronic music has installed Genelec 8050B studio monitors and a 7370A SAM subwoofer in an effort to cement the facility’s move into the commercial studio business.

Devon Analogue Studio was designed and created by Tristan and Elley Grace, who are making the move into the commercial studio business after a previous tenure as owners of North Devon dance music vinyl store Input Records.

Tristan’s on-going career as a house/techno producer means that electronic music is one of Devon Analogue’s priorities for now – although equally critical is the emphasis on sustainable design that includes the use of locally-sourced materials and a timber-frame build with high insulation levels to minimise energy consumption.

“The space has been developed to allow artists to lose themselves within their project, be it writing, recording, rehearsals, production or mixing,” says Tristan. “We can cater for 4/5 people with full accommodation, wet room and kitchen diner, and when you want to get out for some fresh air you can be walking in a Devon forest within minutes.”

As Tristan recalls, a number of factors led to the eventual selection of Genelec 8050B active studio monitors and a 7370A SAM subwoofer. “Our previous familiarity with Genelec systems played a role, of course, but so did the scope of calibration in terms of their adaptability to our room, which is larger and of a non-conventional layout compared to most,” he explains.

“When designing a non-standard studio control room such as this, you come up against traditional acoustic ruling ‘barriers’ which you need to work around and bend to fit the space to achieve the intended dynamics and, importantly for us, the overall vibe of the room.”

Tristan and Elley optimised the calibration of the system in close cooperation with Andy Bensley, brand manager for Genelec at UK representative Source Distribution.

“With Devon Analogue, Tristan had the opportunity to design a space with no compromises and the results speak for themselves,” says Andy. “The speaker placement, acoustic treatment and room orientation meant that my job was incredibly straightforward.

“Having the ability to position the 8050Bs in essentially free space means that the frequency response of the system is incredibly even and the stereo imaging is razor-sharp. Adding the 7370A subwoofer into the system allowed us to naturally extend the frequency response of the 8050Bs and – once dialled in – gave us a truly immersive experience at the mix position. Coupled with the view over the valley when sitting in front of the console, it’s a very special place to be.”

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