The State Chancellery’s conference rooms within the Stadttor skyscraper in Düsseldorf house the governmental quarter of the state capital and is the official office of the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Here, communication is key. Unfortunately the Chancellery’s conference rooms were technologically outdated; delivering less than optimal video and sub-par audio in rooms that were often needed for press conferences and other high-profile events.

In addition to which, connectivity was also an issue, with the analogue system incompatible with modern laptops with digital outputs.

DataVision Germany GmbH has experience with the installation of media technology in conference rooms for over 20 years,” Bernd Poll from systems integration company DataVision tells CIE.

“We have already equipped several ministries and agencies in Dusseldorf. We also work regularly for the government building and real estate holdings in North Rhine-Westphalia. DataVision is known for its reliable, high-quality work.”

Pivotal to the co-ordination of all regional government and administrative work, the office of the State Chancellery is responsible for supporting the Prime Minister, Hannelore Kraft, as she defines and implements policy guidelines, as well as support her in her role as state representative for this region of Germany.

“The conference rooms were previously equipped with technology that was composed of many individual components,” Bernd reflects.

“This outdated technology did not work reliably and as always, individual components were exchanged – nobody knew exactly how the technology worked at all!

“The customer had the requirement to obtain a technique that worked reliably and was made up of as few individual components as possible. This was the main reason the customer recommend the AMX DVX technology.”

Sitting at the heart of the system is the Enova DVX all-in- one-presentation switcher, providing a cost effective room solution that has eased the Chancellery’s transition from analogue to digital, and has enough in-built flexibility for its future connection needs.

“This outdated technology did not work reliably and nobody knew exactly how the technology worked at all!”

An all-in-one controller, AV switcher, scaler, signal converter, twisted pair transmitter and amplifier with built-in professional grade audio processing, the compact 3U DVX presentation switcher replaces the need for numerous individual components and eliminates the integration challenges that accompany them.

An integrated digital signal processor with advanced capabilities including independent 10-band parametric EQ, independent input gain adjustments and variable compression, allow precision tuning to match each conference room’s unique source and room attributes.

Integrated audio breakaway, audio matrix switching and enhanced microphone processing ensure clear communication, with the need for fewer technicians – or even none at all.

AMX’s exclusive SmartScale technology on every output automatically responds to the display’s declared EDID information and delivers a custom- scaled image; eliminating the incompatibilities between sources and displays operating at different resolutions by accepting the highest resolution of every source device, ensuring every display in the Chancellery operates at its preferred resolution and every picture looks its best with no manual adjustments.

InstaGate Pro technology addresses HDCP authentication as soon as a source and destination are plugged in; ensuring there is no HDCP delay or blanking during the switching process.

Meanwhile, AMX Modero touch panels provide a simple control solution, enabling staff and technicians alike to navigate the system intuitively. Fingertip control of in-room equipment makes it easy to present a wide variety of multi-media content and these stylish panels also add to the room aesthetic, with all other equipment either seamlessly integrated or housed centrally in the technology room.

“Since we are used to working in security restricted areas, the project was not a special challenge for us,” says Bernd. “Our employees are regularly trained on any new products; this is part of our recipe for success in our company.

“However, it makes me very proud when I see ‘my’ rooms being used for high-level receptions in the newspaper or on television,” he adds.

“Most often, the technology used in these reports is very discreet and is not noticeable. But I know exactly where each device is used and why it works so well!”

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