Datapath, engineers of visual solutions, has added to its display controller range with the introduction of the standalone Hx4.

Capable of running a single 4K HDMI source across four HD outputs in ultra HD, the Hx4 is now shipping.

Joining the Datapath controller portfolio alongside the Fx4, the Hx4 features a single HDMI1.4 input and four HDMI1.3 outputs, allowing a wide range of creative possibilities and the ability to rotate crop, upscale and mirror content. Each output monitor can take its input from any region of the output image as all of the cropping, scaling, rotation and frame rate conversion is handled by the Hx4 hardware.

With the ability to splice and overlap these regions, this allows any mix of monitor orientations, giving users the freedom to create an unlimited multi-monitor display canvas, says the maker.

Mark Rogers, product manager for Datapath, adds, “With its power and versatility, we expect the Hx4 to be a popular choice for advertising boards, corporate signage and live events.

“Our engineers have developed a product that ticks all the boxes for today’s AV integrators with simple set-up and renowned Datapath reliability. We showed it as ISE and initial response has been really encouraging.”

When used with Datapath’s powerful Wall Designer applications software, the Hx4 can represent any arrangement or configuration of the source image.

Mark explains, “Our hugely popular multi-screen design tool has been updated to work seamlessly with Hx4. Wall Designer allows users to add displays from the ever-expanding database of monitors, visualise their content by adding inputs and adjusting display regions, and then instantly programme their Hx4s either via USB or the network ports.”

Datapath’s Hx4 has a single Ethernet connection, which can be used for status monitoring and complete control of the hardware. A flexible REST application programme interface is also supported to allow third party software integration.

Supplied with a three-year warranty, Datapath’s Hx4 is available now.

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