Dante & Yamaha Form Backbone Of Upgraded AV System At Hull Minster

In the United States, Houses of Worship are big business for the commercial integrator market, but that’s not always the case in the UK. Sometimes, a special project comes along and that’s what happened at Hull Minster, which has recently undergone a multi-million-pound transformation project that included the installation of Yamaha audio equipment.

SFL Group was called in to oversee Hull Minster’s AV upgrade, with the firm specifying and installing all the products that would be needed to bring the medieval church into the 21st century. The new system had to be suitable for concerts, performances and banquets, as well as worship, and that’s exactly what SFL Group aimed to deliver.

With underfloor heating having been installed to replace the entire floor of the nave, SFL Group was given the opportunity to route a new Dante audio network underneath it. This network covered the full length of the nave and the chancel, and formed the backbone of a Yamaha audio system comprising a Yamaha TF3 digital mixer, a pair of TIO1608-D stage boxes and an MTX5-D matrix processor.

“The new floor and heating were a vital part of making the Minster more inviting. Gone are the days of freezing while listening to sermons and presentations,” said the Minster’s community minister Daniel Broom. “Now it’s a welcoming space, whatever the weather.”

The system is controlled by Yamaha’s Wireless DCP app and an MCP1 surface-mounted controller. The MTX5-D takes feeds from the Dante network, as well as wired and wireless microphones, managing these and the outputs to the loudspeaker system via a number of presets. As the system has a lot of possibilities, Andy and the SFL team programmed the presets to be modular, allowing Minster staff to build a full setup by making a series of smaller decisions, for example which audio sources and zones are active.

 “There are five connection points located throughout the church, all with a primary and secondary line. The TF3 and stage boxes can be plugged into the network at in any of these positions, allowing the system to cope with any event,” said SFL project manager Andy Felix.  “Using Dante, it’s also easily expandable to include the Amazing Transformation’s next phase, which will include a new café.”

 “We needed the system to be easy to use by engineers of all skill levels, have a reputable and reliable product and, most of all, have integrated Dante networking that could communicate simply with other devices. We’re extremely pleased that the Minster team found the TF3 so easy to use and that it and the I/O units integrate so seamlessly with MTX5-D,” added Andy.

“Visiting engineers can also bring their own console. If it’s Dante equipped they can plug in to any of the network points. Alternatively, an analogue connection can be provided from the TF3.”

This phase of the transformation was completed by early 2018 and, although there are further improvements to make, those completed so far have already made a significant difference.

James Symonds, events co-ordinator at the church commented, “Hull Minster is fast becoming renowned as a place for great events and concerts both from its setting, within 700 years of history, but also with the ability to achieve almost all types of musical styles through the in-house system. This negates the need to bring in external PA companies to provide even the simplest of sound reinforcement systems.”

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