Daktronics is now offering Fliphound customers easy access to the online buying and selling platform from the company’s Visiconn Display Management Solution.

Through this integration, Daktronics is enabling digital billboard owners access to Fliphound to sell their digital inventory online.

“By working with digital billboard market leaders like Daktronics, we can grow the outdoor digital market by helping operators tap into digital advertisers and online buyers to access the $54 billion digital online advertising market,” says Douglas M. Robertson, CEO and co-founder of Fliphound.

“Millions of small and medium-sized businesses want to buy digital billboards the same way they buy internet and social media ads.

“Our platform demonstrates how we are working to bring solutions to operators, and Fliphound has a proven track record of attracting new, local advertisers to out of home advertising. Eighty-nine percent of Fliphound customers are local advertisers and more than 85% of the 500+ Fliphound advertisers are new to outdoor advertising.”

Daktronics sudden move to support Fliphound is being attributed to the company’s customers increasingly asking for the feature, which is purportedly a simpler way of selling digital advertising.

Haven’t heard of Fliphound before? Well, essentially the service allows for real-time bidding of digital billboards, allowing advertisers access to advertising space they might not have had before.

Of course the real advantage comes to those who own the billboards, who will find it easier than ever selling the space, as advertisers will compete with each other, pushing up the price of the space.

Fliphound is available from today on Daktronics’ Visiconn dashboard.

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