Working with AV Systems ltd, one of the UK’s premier commercial integrators, CYP products were used to create an AV distribution system that supplied sound and images to 45 screens throughout the 8,500 sq ft venue, all supplied by four Sky HD boxes.

Sports Bar and Grill is a chain of six outlets throughout London, catering for visitors who like to enjoy quality food and drink while being able to watch the world’s biggest sporting events.

The project brief for the flagship 8500 sq ft venue in London’s Canary Wharf was to provide customers with a prime view of an HD quality TV screen from anywhere in the large bar and restaurant area.

Involving split floors and numerous zones, the brief was handed to integrators AV Systems, so the company could embark on the meticulous planning required to create a system that involved the latest cutting edge hardware to ensure performance and reliability.

As well as flexible content control, premium audio was also an essential requirement in bringing that vital ‘big match’ atmosphere as well as providing a quality background music soundtrack when required.

To meet the ‘watch from anywhere’ remit, 45 x 55in Sony LED TVs were installed throughout the venue – 25 of these screens being wall mounted whilst the remaining 20 hung from the ceiling, some of which were mounted back-to-back and suspended from a 5.5m ceiling.

Over six kilometres of Cat6 cable was laid to ensure the highest quality content transfer over HDBaseT technology as well as future proofing the system infrastructure for flexibility.

With several zones around the venue, four Sky HD boxes, as well as IPTV, provided a wide variety of audio and video content throughout the venue.

Working with CYP Europe, AV Systems specified the latest 32 x 32 Modular and 16 x 16 HDBaseT matrixes from CYP, allowing for any source to be selected and independently routed to any of the screens for maximum flexibility and visual impact.

Adam Florio, MD, AV Systems ltd, says: “When we first started work on the project, we knew that the latest modular matrixes from CYP were the perfect products for the job. Relatively compact in size, they offer the full feature set required combined with the reliability demanded by the client.”

B-Tech AV mounts were used throughout to ensure precision and flexibility to the install, as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing, ‘wire free’ finish.

With the venue needing excellent sound coverage and clarity for ‘the big game’ as well as premium background music during more relaxed times, a sound system from BOSE Professional was specified and installed.

Bose FreeSpace DS100 loudspeakers, with bass support from Panaray MB4 subs in the main areas, as well as FreeSpace 3 loudspeakers in the quieter zones, are controlled through a Bose ControlSpace ESP-00 DSP and powered by Bose PowerMatch amplifiers, to complement the Sony TV arrangement in providing a first-class audio experience for customers, wherever they are in the venue.

Customers at the Canary Wharf Sports Bar & Grill can now have whatever sport they wish, on whatever screen they want, provided in full HD with a quality sound system to match.

Adam adds: “I wanted this install to be perfect and attention to detail was absolute, both for the customer and myself.

“The quality of the screens, video signal, cabling and audio system are all there to be seen, but it’s also what can’t be seen that makes the difference.

“We have used CYP matrices many times before but this is the first installation that required a 32 x 32.  We were not disappointed!  Reliability is crucial and to have the entire system up and running in such a relatively short time was exactly what we hopped and expected from CYP.”

Client Satisfaction

The client is clearly impressed with the system, as Sports Bar & Grill managing director, David Evans, says: “I believe every customer visiting any of my Sports Bar & Grill venues should have the best seat in the house and the ultimate sports viewing experience.

“The latest installation at our flagship venue in the new Cross Rail station at Canary Wharf provided by AV Systems and the quality of the equipment used, allows us to provide just that. Everything from the sound system and picture quality on our Sony Screens to the ease of content control and zonal management, adds to a better experience for our customers.

“I’m particularly impressed with the standard of fitting of the visible hardware, which reflects AV Systems’ ultra-high standards as well as my own and I’m looking forward to rolling this project out to future Sports Bar & Grill venues throughout the capital and beyond.”

Gareth Rolls, sales and marketing director at CYP Europe sums up: “We are delighted to be associated with such a fine example of AV integration. Although a large installation, our latest range of HDBaseT matrices offer a wide range of facilities that we knew would suit the brief and, as importantly, have been through rigorous testing to ensure as reliable a system as possible, which was a major consideration for AV Systems when they were specifying the installation.

“The final result is a truly inspiring example of best-practice multi-zone AV installation and we are proud to be a major contributor to the project.”

Kit List

6.3 km of Cat6 cable
45 Sony 55in LED TVs
4 x SKY HD boxes + IPTV


32×32 Modular HDBaseT Matrix
16×16 Modular HDBaseT Matrix

B-Tech International

45 x BT8431 Torsion Tilt Screen Mounts
15 x BT7822/B Ceiling Plates with cable management
15 x BT7850-300 3m x 50mm Black Poles
15 x BT8435/B Collar Kits for BT8431


24 x Bose FreeSpace DS100 in wall, flush & pendant configuration
8 x Bose Panaray MB4 bass modules
2 x Bose FreeSpace 3 systems
1 x Bose ControlSpace ESP-880 DSP audio processor
1 x CC-64 Global control centre
2 x CC-16 local control
2 x Bose PowerMatch 8500N amplifiers
3 x Bose PowerMatch 4500N amplifiers
1 x Bose PowerMatch 4250N amplifier

AV Systems + 44 (0)20 79292929


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