People expect a lot from projection mapping onto buildings these days; you only need glance at this phenomenal projection display for Stephen Hawking – or at the time when the Empire State building was lit up for the first time with projected images after Cecil the Lion was killed by an American dentist – to see what the technology is capable of.

Spectators in Dilworth Park, Philadelphia must also have been aware of the possibilities that lie within projection onto buildings as at a recent launch event celebrating the fact that Game of Thrones season 5 (see our review) has been released on Blu-Ray (in Dolby Atmos, no less), the crowd started booing the 3D animated projection of Khaleesi’s dragon, although moments before, seeming to enjoy it.

One spectator comments: “Philly is a tough crowd! Hard to please. It doesn’t look good!”

See the crowd’s reaction to the projection mapping below after initially being impressed with it.

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