Crestron has announced that it has begun shipping its all new TST-902 8.9in touchscreen controller.

The goal with this controller is to deliver an experience akin to the company’s TSW touchscreens, but in an enterprise environment.

The 8.9in tablet is said to deliver secure wireless control, along with ‘Smart Graphics’ support and a ‘consistent and intuitive user experience’.

Control functionality is supported via Crestron’s ER wireless communications, meaning end-users will not need to rely on a Wi-Fi connection.

Support for H.264 streaming video is included as standard, while the 8.9in display has a resolution of 1008×588 and a brightness of 300 nits.

While ER wireless communications will be enabled by default via the ‘Crestron Extended Range RF Wireless Gateway’ – allowing for a wireless signal that works up to 200ft away indoors – Wi-Fi will also be included as standard.

Users will be able to use both ER and Wi-Fi together to integrate streaming video from IP cameras or for web browsing. Note that Wi-Fi will not work alone however.

The TST-902 incorporates new fast-charging Lithium-ion battery technology, which should enable users to keep the device in the dock without frying the battery; Crestron also claims it leads to a longer battery life.

Complementing the new technology is the ‘Instant-Waking’ feature, which allows the TST-902 to go to sleep within seconds of putting it down, but never having to wait for the screen to wake up when users need it again. For extra peace of mind, the battery is also user-replaceable.

Users will have a plethora of choice when it comes to deciding where to charge their touchscreen controller, with Crestron making available a wall and table dock.

Other features of the TST-902 include voice command control and an on-screen keyboard and mouse.

Crestron is shipping the TST-902 to customers now.

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