Crestron is typically a company associated with high-end products, but at InfoComm 2016 the company has a wide range of affordable solutions specifically designed for mass-deployment.

In the residential market Crestron is a dominant force, providing high-end home automation systems, but in the commercial market it seems Crestron wants to be seen as a company that offers a solution for just about any scenario that can be deployed on a mass scale without breaking the bank.

Already Crestron has hinted at that future, with it set to show off its previously announced ultra-affordable HDMI switcher and extender, the HD-MD-400-C-E, at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas.

While that was just the start of Crestron’s affordable ambitions, Crestron also has a whole host of other products and solutions set to be shown off on the show floor in Las Vegas, with the company specifically targeting its biggest strengths – the meeting room and class room environment.

Crestron At InfoComm 2016

Crestron DMPS3-4K Series For Small Rooms and .AV Framework

Crestron’s first launch of InfoComm 2016 is its DMPS3-4K series, an expansion to the company’s line-up of all-in-one Digital Media 3-Series presentation systems.

The DMPS3-4K series consists of three models designed specifically for single display applications and they both feature a built-in Crestron 3-Series control system, analog and digital AV switching, 4K scaler and direct LAN connectivity with Crestron Fusion software for network management.

The DMPS3-4K-50 and DMPS3-4K-100-C are the latest additions to the series, with the former offering a solution for installers looking to connect local sources to local displays, while the latter offers the ability to connect local sources to extended displays. Also in the line-up is the DMPS3-4K-150-C which is designed for connecting remote sources to an extended display.

All three models feature built-in Crestron .AV Framework technology, which is also new for InfoComm 2016. Features include auto-switching, plug-and-play installation with Crestron Connect It cable caddies, automatic display on/off via CEC and intelligent connectivity with the Crestron AirMedia presentation gateway for wireless BYOD capability.

Crestron .AV Framework

Using .AV Framework from the touch screen or web-based tool, installers can perform a complete system setup. They can choose sources and display control and automatically generate the touch screen GUI, to deliver a consistent user experience in every room with any programming.

“For customers, .AV Framework makes it painless to add simple-to-use and simple-to-support meeting rooms throughout their organisations,” says Joe Sarrasin, Technology Manager, Unified Communications. “Our integrators will appreciate how .AV Framework provides a quick and easy way to deploy consistent systems.”

With .AV Framework, deploying to multiple rooms has been designed to be as simple as possible. Integrators can just save their configuration to a standard XML file and then push it out to hundreds or even thousands of rooms at once over the network. Crestron even provides sample files that can be edited and saved before the install so systems can get up and running at “power up.”

For a higher level of integration and management, Cresnet occupancy sensors and direct communication with Crestron Fusion are also handled through .AV Framework without writing any code.

The DMPS3-4K series has been engineered specifically to be offered at a low-cost to end-users. This is to encourage a wide roll-out to as many places as possible, with Crestron specifically targeting mass deployment throughout a university or corporate enterprise.

.AV Framework will also be coming to more products in the future, with Crestron already committed to adding more .AV Framework hosted products in the near future. It will also continue to expand the web-based configuration tool to support more sources.

Crestron Promises Easier Than Ever Deployment Of Network AV Over LAN or WAN

While the .AV Framework is designed to get products up and running as quickly as possible, Crestron also has a new solution for getting products connected to the network as quickly as possible.

At InfoComm 2016, the company is set to showcase its DM solutions that enable organisation-wide distribution of low-bandwidth, high-quality video over existing standard 1Gb Ethernet infrastructure, without the need for a matrix switcher.

Network AV expands the capabilities of DM to remove all distance limitations. It enables the routing of HD signals and H.264 sources, such as IP cameras, anywhere on the network, including Crestron touchscreens, digital signage displays, remote buildings and global offices.

With DM, Crestron says that practically any standard LAN or WAN infrastructure has the capability of handling unlimited network AV. That’s because DM transmits high-quality H.264 video at around 10Mb/s out-of-the-box. Additionally, bandwidth consumptions is controllable – up to 25Mb/s for the absolute highest quality, down to less than 1Mb/s for demanding long distance and mobile applications, where bandwidth is limited and/or very expensive.

In addition to network AV input and output cards for DM modular matrix switchers, Crestron offers the HD Streaming Transmitter/Receiver (DM-TXRX-100-STR) and HD Streaming Receiver & Room Controller 100 (DM-RMC-100-STR). Together, Crestron says that they provide very low-cost solutions for adding network AV to any space. No switcher or control system is required.

Configurable as a standalone transmitter or receiver, the DM-TXRX-100-STR is a compact H.264 network AV encoder/decoder designed to transmit HD content anywhere on the IP network and receive network AV content from anywhere on the network.

With its ability to receive H.264 video over a single PoE LAN connection, the DM-RMC-100-STR provides installers with a solution for displaying network AV content in lobbies, lounges, cafeterias, or anywhere they want to display HD content.

Image overlay capability enables organisations to brand their network AV content by overlaying a logo. Dynamic text makes it simple to label video, or display instructions, schedules, alerts and other messaging.

Crestron says it has achieved this thanks to their low profile, surface-mountable design which means they can be installed discreetly behind a flat-panel display or ceiling mounted projector. Installers can even attach them directly to a single rack rail.

The DM-TXRX-100-STR also fits conveniently beneath a tabletop, or inside a lectern or other furniture.

All connections and LED indicators are positioned on the top and bottom, ensuring optimal access and visibility.

Simplicty Continues With Crestron PinPoint, Brand New DSP


Crestron’s InfoComm 2016 is very heavily focused on simplicity and affordability – and that trend continues with two other products it intends to show off at InfoComm 2016.

To achieve ultimate simplicity, Crestron has always strived to offer some of the most versatile management systems on the market – and that’s exactly what it’s promising with the new PinPoint App.

Crestron Fusion Cloud, the enterprise management service hosted by Crestron, in combination with the new Crestron PinPoint personal productivity app, claims to clear a path for employees to work smarter, faster and more efficiently, while also enabling

Specifically, Crestron is hoping to tackle the plague of unproductive meetings and wasted resources, which is said to cost US organisations $37 billion annually.

Crestron has noticed the problems companies have faced, which include problems with reserving and using the meeting rooms, as well as the average 10-minute delay at the start of meetings.

The solution? Crestron says its Fusion Cloud and PinPoint App has been specifically developed to offer employees the tools and environment they need to turn typically unproductive meetings into a success.

Crestron PinPoint is supposedly the first personal, mobile, dynamic productivity tool that lets employees take control of every aspect of their meetings, including scheduling, setup, execution and completion.

The App communicates with PinPoint Proximity Detection Beacons in each space throughout the organisation enabling users to locate and reserve pretty much any location with the technology they need – including huddle spaces and open lounges.

Once in a meeting space, the App ensures the user enjoys a personalised, automated meeting experience. Meeting participants can share content from their smartphones or tablets. There’s no need for typing in IP addresses, manually dialling, or fumbling around trying to connect different devices to display a presentation.

“Bad meetings can not only crush employee productivity, but can also leave attendees with a lingering sense of agitation and dissatisfaction that affects them for several more hours,” notes Nic Milani, executive director, cloud solutions at Crestron. “Our solutions help them focus on their work, instead of trying to get things to work.”

Crestron Fusion Cloud provides real-time visibility into organisations’ meeting spaces and building technology around the globe, down to the individual room and device levels. They can monitor all sites from a centralised location without the need for additional IT infrastructure.

“Part of the beauty of this system is that in ‘The Internet of Things,’ we sit in-between the scheduling system, the technology, the AV, the video conferencing and the building management system,” adds Nic.

“We take all of that data and put it into a single database, which organisations can then use to extract information for better decision-making now and in the future.”

Crestron PinPoint is only available to organisations that have Crestron Fusion Cloud or the on-premises version of this enterprise management software, which is already in use by some enterprises.


Further adding to the simplicity promised by the Crestron Fusion Cloud and PinPoint App, the company is set to showcase powerful and flexible new solutions that simplify audio in conference rooms, lecture halls, sports and entertainment venues, courtrooms and other spaces.

Headlining the new audio technology is a complete line of Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) featuring a DSP programming tool, as well as a selection of amplifiers that support audio over IP using Dante audio networking.

All new audio solutions integrate natively with DigitalMedia, touch screens, Crestron Fusion Cloud and unified collaboration technology.

“We designed our new DSPs and amplifiers to specifically address the audio issues that leading commercial integrators told us they face on a daily basis,” says Dennis Fink, audio technology manager at Crestron.

“The key to our success is our exclusive new DSP Tool which provides a massive leap forward in terms of simplifying the process of programming, tuning, integrating, and expanding audio performance in meeting spaces. When audio pros see the new DSP Tool, they immediately realise this is a big deal for the industry.”

The new DSP Tool provides a workspace that is designed to streamline audio design and programming.

The channel-strip architecture simplifies configuration, allowing programmers to save, modify and manage a library of custom strips.

Built-in tools include a spectrum analyser, virtual mixer, EQ editor and Crestron speaker profile library to ensure quick acoustic setup.

New controls and functions can be added on-the-fly so programmers no longer need to ‘re-wire and recompile’ to make changes.

I/O expansion amongst Crestron DSPs, amplifiers and third-party vendors is supposedly simple thanks to integrated Dante controls.

On top of all of that, the DSP Tool enables programmers to drag and drop audio controls and even VUs directly into VT Pro-e software for touch screen UIs in one room or hundreds of rooms – in minutes.

“Crestron is known for best-in-class products for the enterprise AV market,” notes Lee Ellison, CEO of Audinate. “Dante has become the standard for high quality audio-over-IP networked systems and this alliance with Crestron will enhance the Dante ecosystem with better, more widely available networked solutions.”

The new Crestron audio offering includes five DSP models, a companion line of network-controlled and monitored amplifiers, as well as a line of modular utility amplifiers that allow integrators to mix and match capabilities in less than 1U of rack space.

Rounding out the new products are the latest updates to the Saros line of speakers including a new soundbar for commercial applications.

All of Crestron’s new solutions and products will be on show at the company’s stand #C7008 at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas.

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