At ISE 2020 Crestron previewed what’s next for the AV industry, both in the near-term and beyond at its dedicated Future Innovation area – focused on technologies for the intelligent workplace. These included room-based AV solutions, Unified Communications, AV-over-IP, cloud-based management, and more. 

“Innovation has always been our driving force. It’s made Crestron the company it is today,” says Randy Klein, Crestron CEO. “It was a glimpse at what’s next for our industry and what you’ll be seeing at everyone else’s stand three, four years from now.” 

While Crestron is steadfast in its commitment to lead the way in innovation for the industry, the company is also rooted in providing integrators and organisations with the solutions they need to be successful right now. Nowhere is this more evident than in the recent addition of  DMPS Lite simple room solutions to the Crestron DigitalMedia platform. 

“We’re leading the way by doubling down on our investment in the professional AV market, as well as cloud services,” says Ranjan Singh, Executive VP, Product and Technology. “We’re all about transporting video in the most cost-effective way possible. That means providing our customers with the right products, with the right feature set, at the right price, across the spectrum of applications, along with the ability to deploy and manage everything from the cloud. We believe our customers should have the option to transition to newer technologies at their own pace, while leveraging their existing investments. For example, they can expect to see solutions that will enable them to enhance their HDBaseT solutions with AV-over-IP, as needed.” 

Crestron is also committed to delivering intelligent rooms that meet the needs of the modern digital workplace. 

“Today, Unified Communications is integral to a digital workplace strategy,” adds Singh. “In our Future Innovation area guests previewed the convergence between UC and AV room concepts – it will no longer need to be one or the other. This is where the advantages of our open standards driven platform and partnerships with leading manufacturers shine. Our APIs and SDKs enable the market to build even more integrated solutions than ever before. Virtually any capability you want, such as lighting control or sensors, can be seamlessly integrated, along with all the innovation Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms software bring to our intelligent rooms.” 

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