A new generation of Crestron’s DM NVX network AV solution will officially debut at ISE 2019 today, and it will feature a new technology dubbed ‘Pixel Perfect Processing’.

The Crestron DigitalMedia range has become a mainstay of ISE as of late, with the company increasingly choosing to showcase the latest updates to the platform in Amsterdam. This year is no different, with the firm revealing the range’s latest generation, which has been developed through partnerships with the likes of Intel and intoPIX; ensuring that this generation offers the best image quality of any network AV solution.

“We have an unwavering commitment to make DM NVX the best network AV solution in every way,” said Fred Bargetzi, Crestron CTO. “This new generation is the culmination of an immense investment in both dollars and engineering man-hours.”

Two new DigitalMedia NVX models are to be on show at ISE 2019 in the form of the DM-NVX-E30 and DM-NVX-D30. These both are encode or decode-only units that support HDMI connectivity and analog audio, delivering additional flexibility for basic endpoints when only video and audio are needed. The big new addition to these models is the inclusion of Pixel Perfect Processing, however. Crestron says that this new technology ensures the delivery of a perfect image every time with no latency and support for more video formats than any other manufacturer.

The new models won’t be the only devices to receive Pixel Perfect Processing, as Crestron has revealed that current DM VVX products will also benefit from the technology with a free firmware upgrade. The firm didn’t clarify when that update would land, however.

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