Creative KAOS has unveiled a new permanent installation in Campeche, Mexico, which sees the town’s iconic library lit up with centuries of history in ‘Celebremos Campeche’.

The installation was put together with a range of equipment, including a Lightware MX-16x16DVI-Plus matrix switcher, six Lightware DVD-OPT-TX110 fibre transmitters and six RX110 fibre receivers provided by Solotech.

‘Celebremos Campeche’ is a 30-minute video displayed on the two-story, curved arcade of the library, which can be found in Campeche which just happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The project pays homage to the beauty, history, culture and people of the region through a video being projection mapped onto the 80x12m façade of the building.

This projection mapping creates a moving mural inspired by the spirit of Campeche and is available for all to see, with the installation playing several times a week.

Creative KAOS Management worked closely with producer Elisa Ciseros from 333 Luxes, as well as local and state representatives to develop the spectacle, while 4U2C produced the video content.

“We have worked with 333 Luxes since 2008, and they called us about this project in 2013,” says Valy Tremblay, the project’s executive producer and production manager at Proluxon

“We’ve used Lightware products a lot, and we know them to be really solid and reliable.  The 16×16 matrix was perfect for this,” he reports.  “We always include a router in our inventory for back up so it can re-route to a specific projector, if necessary.  We do a lot of show control.  It can detect a problem and automatically re-route the machine; within a few seconds the show is back up without any human intervention.”

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