Control4 announces new lighting design tools and services to assist dealers in the sales and installation of Control4 wireless and panelized lighting systems.
While consumer demand for lighting control is at an all-time high, the increasing number of load and control types makes design and installation of lighting control systems extremely complex. Control4 is rolling out new Lighting Design and Fixture Compatibility Services, along with an array of sales and installation tools, to help dealers design the perfect systems for homeowners, regardless of application, complexity and client budget.

“Lighting control is one of the fastest growing segments in home automation and presents massive opportunity for dealers. The new services and tools we are unveiling today are designed to help dealers expand their lighting business by providing best-in-class support through the entire sales cycle to final installation,” says Paul Nagel, Control4 vice president of lighting and comfort. “Our award-winning lighting solutions, coupled with these new tools, will help our dealers deliver an exceptional customer experience for the most sophisticated and complex lighting projects.”

The new services include:

  • Control4 System Design Service: Dealers can submit a project’s lighting design configuration for review by Control4 experts to verify that it is fully optimized for Control4 panelized or wireless lighting systems. Dealers using the service receive recommendations for use of Control4 and third party product, suggested installation guides, recommended light fixtures and, if necessary, suggested modification of load schedules and construction plans to best integrate Control4 panelized and wireless lighting systems.
  • Control4 Lighting Fixture Compatibility Database and Service: This web-based database allows dealers to quickly search for third party lighting fixtures and bulbs that have been tested and are compatible with Control4 panelized and wireless lighting products. In addition, fixtures and bulbs that require verification of compatibility can be submitted to Control4 for testing. By utilizing this database and service in the planning stages of every project, dealers are better able to provide accurate client proposals and proper system operation.
  • Button Engraving and Backlighting: Dealers can now personalize keypads with RGB backlight color customization, easy engraving setup and report development in Composer Pro, plus button engraving ordering online.
  • Design, Installation and Sales Tools: Control4 is offering dealers an array of new tools to support the design, sales and installation process including: a comprehensive lighting design guide, detailed CAD drawings, quick-reference cards, and stunning new showroom displays.
  • Dealers can join Control4 on April 4 at 11 a.m. New York City/5 p.m. London for a live webinar to learn about all the new services and tools for Control4 lighting. Advanced registration for authorized Control4 dealers is required.


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