Extra Vegetables, a favored developer of software for Control4 (Nasdaq: CTRL) home automation systems (and now URC), has just expanded its portfolio of drivers and services thanks to a partnership with Chowmain Ltd.

Led by Alan Chow, Chowmain has been creating Control4 drivers over the past several years and those modules now will be available exclusively through Extra Vegetables

Dealers can now download drivers, and purchase and manage Chowmain licenses in exactly the same way as for the Extra Vegetables licenses. As with Extra Vegetables drivers, the Chowmain drivers will auto-update and can be demo’ed for 14 days free of charge.

“Our aim is to provide a wide range of useful drivers to Control4 dealers to enhance and extend the capabilities of Control4 installations,” says Jane Scotland, COO Extra Vegetables. “We are delighted to be able to offer the Chowmain drivers via the Extra Vegetables site. Dealers who are already familiar with Alan’s drivers will find it easier to purchase and manage the licenses. Dealers who haven’t used them before will benefit from the additional functionality that they will now be able to offer their customers.”

The Chowmain drivers expand Control4 system and integration functionality for Control4 dealers. Chowmain’s launch drivers are:

Belkin WeMo
Control Belkin WeMo switches via Control4. Range includes plug-in power outlets for US, UK, European and Australian/New Zealand switches.

Plex Home Theater
Plex Home Theater is a popular software based media player that can be installed on Windows and Mac computers. The drivers enable two-way feedback and control via Control4 and integration with the Control4 media library.

Plex Media Server
Plex Media Server provides an automated movie management experience for Control4. Install PMS onto a supported NAS/computer and have the driver auto import movie cover art and meta data into your Control4 system for display on your touch screen or onscreen user interface with playback onto any integrated media player.

Advanced Custom Buttons
Custom Buttons for your Control4 5-inch, 7-inch and MyHome PC interfaces. With up to 12 buttons, dynamic labeling and virtual LED feedback this provides an extended solution over the existing custom buttons agent.

Generic Thermostat, Lighting, and Relay IR drivers
Control4 only enables the integration of IR based audio-visual devices. These drivers enable IR control of thermostats, lighting and relays.

Generic TCP Command driver
The Generic TCP Command driver enables WOL, TCP or HTTP commands to be fired from Control4 to any device or service on your network. You can now turn on and off your computers/NAS drives and integrate internet based services such as push notifications services/sms gateways without having to program a complicated driver.

Event Logger
The Event Logger (below) enables specific events and values to be recorded in a file on the controller. For example you may want to record when a light is turned on, what temperature your thermostat is at that point in time or a security system is armed or disarmed and by whom. These logs are accessible via a built in webpage or via SMB share.

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