Open only to Control4 dealers, new training has just been announced, taking place at Essential Install Live! South on both June 9 and 10 2015.

The Control4 dealer training kicks off on Tuesday June 9 with ‘What’s New?’ followed by ‘Centralised Lighting’ and the one-off session, ‘Sales and Marketing’.

Tuesday June 9

What’s New?

– 10:00-12:00

‘Control4 is raising the bar in smart home technology with our latest software release, OS 2.7,’ says Control4.

‘A new level of functionality and elegance will enhance the way you keep your home comfortable, communicate with everyone in the home, listen to music, control your pool and spa and provide a slew of new features for added comfort and peace of mind in the home.’ 

Control4 will go over all the new features found in OS 2.7.

Centralised Lighting

– 13:00-15:00

Control4 will encourage its dealers to ‘eliminate those unsightly collections of switches on every wall. Control4’s discrete centralised lighting solutions enable complete control over residential and commercial lighting systems’.

This session will cover a small sampling of centralised lighting, including installation and programming techniques, with Control4 describing it as ‘a must have class as you start to introduce your clients into the world of centralised lighting’.

Sales and Marketing

– 16:00-17:00

‘Every employee is a salesman for your company,’ states Control4. ‘Stay up-to-date with all the latest sales and marketing techniques for your area. This class is a brilliant addition to your sales objectives and marketing plan. Don’t miss it!’

Wednesday June 10 will also feature the session ‘What’s New?’ from 10:00-12:00 and ‘Centralised Lighting’ at 13:00-15:00.

Contro4 dealers can register here.

Register to attend Essential Install Live! South at Sandown Park, Surrey here.

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