The Control4 Hospitality Solution has been unveiled at HITECT 2016. The solution is designed to bring powerful in-room automation functionality to hotel rooms, leaning on Control4’s knowledge of home automation.

Control4 is already a big name in the residential space, but the Control4 Hospitality Solution is the company’s biggest push into the commercial sector yet. With it hotels will have complete control over their guest rooms from a central command system. That means hoteliers will be able to get room status updates, be notified when a remote needs a new battery and even personalise the room to the incoming guest.

“From doors to drapes, Control4 provides a complete automation solution for the hospitality industry. By uniting systems that were once disparate, Control4 delivers operational efficiencies for hotels and a personalized, five-star stay for their guests,” says Eric Anderson, Control4’s SVP products.

Managing a hotel is no easy to task, especially when having to contend with hundreds of rooms. That’s why the Control4 Hospitality Solution is designed to make managing rooms that much easier.

The Control4 Hospitality Solution integrates with various different technologies and third-party systems, including lighting, door locks, card swipes, mini-bars, property management systems and other hotel services.

The opportunities for hotel managers are almost endless – with Control4 envisioning the ability to ‘reset’ a room once someone checks out. Hotels could also offer customers the ability to customise their rooms before check-in and have their rooms automatically set to that customisation level as soon as they arrive.

The Control4 Hospitality Solution can be programmed with pre-configured check-in/check-out default settings to maximise room efficiency. It can be programmed to open or close drapes, set lighting levels and adjust room temperatures automatically.

Additionally, a personalised welcome screen can greet the guest by name on the TV screen and a completely customisable user interface can be designed to conform to each hotel’s brand. The Control4 Hospitality Solution is designed to be affordable and scalable-from retrofit projects to new construction and from a single floor to thousands of rooms.

Dan Levine, CEO of CytexOne, a Control4 dealer based in New York City, installs Control4 in prominent hotel properties in North America and currently has several projects underway.

“The key thing that differentiates Control4 from all the other platforms is the ease of customisation and programming. We spend a fraction of the time setting up the system and in the hotel environment you can customise the room template and push it throughout the entire hotel. It only takes us seconds to modify the automation and we can do it all remotely,” Dan says.

“Control4 integrates with nearly 10,000 different devices. It makes adding devices into the system extremely simple.”

The Control4 Hospitality Solution can be managed by guests through a system remote, touchscreen or keypad. The entire system is powered by the company’s EA line of controllers and features new enhancements to the Control4 OS.

The Control4 Hospitality Solution currently can currently be found in more than 15,000 hotel rooms in 12 countries around the globe at top hotels including 1 Hotels, Aria, COMO, The Cosmopolitan, Dorchester Collection, Kimpton, Mandarin Oriental, Montage, Four Seasons, One Farrer, Rosewood and The Star.

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