Audac is launching Audac Touch on May 18th, a mobile application that will be available for android and iOS platforms that can control all Audac devices and even third party devices simultaneously in one dashboard.

The control application contains a user friendly setup and configuration that can be used without special training so that all existing owners of a Audac Matrix system or audio player can easily update their control platform for a ‘one dashboard’ control over their complete system.

Using this freely available solution, application specific dashboards can be created and customised, allowing the control for multiple devices from one single application.

Besides the well-known web-based control solutions, a variety of functions from different devices can be merged together as widgets in one single screen.

Once configured, user accounts will be saved in the cloud allowing your dashboard to be accessed from any mobile device.

Different levels of access are possible, offering system operation, system configuration or overall system administration functionalities.

Hereby, authorisation for every type of account can be specifically configured.

A user can make use of up to five simultaneous socket connections to various supporting Audac devices, including all Matrix systems, audio players and other serial communication supporting devices in combination with APC100 gateways, such as WaveDynamics amplifiers.

View more on the company’s microsite, here.


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