Commercial Integrator Europe sat down with Dave Wilson, client director at Engage Works, to discuss the company’s latest offering, CoCreate. This advanced collaboration software solution is designed to compete with the likes of Prysm and Mezzanine, and it’s already won the hearts and minds of clients such as EY, KPMG, PwC, CapGemini, and Accenture.

CoCreate combines a large touchscreen application, which pulls content from folder to display, annotate and manipulate across the entire touch surface, and an iPad companion app for the creation of transferable digital post-it notes, pictures and videos.

If it sounds a lot like Mezzanine and Prysm, that’s because it is. The big difference here is that CoCreate is hardware agnostic, and doesn’t require users to own specific hardware. But is there room for it in the marketplace? We tried to find out…

How does CoCreate compare to products like Prysm and Mezzanine?

Most meetings are mundane. Decisions take forever or are never made. PowerPoint decks dominate and energy levels remain low. People leave meetings without a clear purpose and they aren’t the moments in someone’s day that are looked forward to with excitement. Meetings can be the hours in people’s lives they will never get back.

CoCreate has been designed and developed for use in a specific space – dedicated to getting the best out of people and the meetings they are attending. It allows people to sell their products and services in a deeply engaging way. It’s about getting the right people in the right room with the right tools and the right information to get better insights and outcomes. It can also bring people who operate remotely into these sessions. This is when faster, more informed and committed decisions are made. These meetings are now enjoyable and everyone has a voice, an opinion and a methodology supported by technology to drive collaboration, sales and engagement.

What is unique about CoCreate in comparison to these other offerings?

Cocreate was developed with major professional services businesses that help other businesses. Its roots are from there – so the UI is really intuitive – as its very people biased. It has to work for all users be they tech savvy or not. It’s not just about the technology. Tried and tested design thinking methodologies, when coupled with CoCreate, provide a powerful combination that drives the outcomes that clients need.

CoCreate is developing fast to become the glue that allows other apps and software to be brought into the ecosystem – not lock anyone out or dictate what hardware or devices can be used.

Giving other solutions are already available on the market, what made you recognise that there was a gap?

Because major consulting firms are already using it in very successful centres. Furthermore, we are now seeing other sectors enjoy its benefits for their people and their clients (automotive for example). Our offer is about scalability – you don’t have to have a million pound plus centre – you can affordably deploy it anywhere – in existing meeting rooms or huddle spaces – we recognise that SMEs will be the fastest growing market for collaborative software – they are agile and nimble and need to get the best out of this software in a business as usual scenario. The software has evolved to fill that niche. We also provide specialist training to get the best out of the technology and augment established ways of working within a business – the learning curve can be as gradual as the client needs and then can be accelerated at their own speed. CoCreate brings people and technology together – intuitively.

How are existing CoCreate clients using the product?

Our clients use CoCreate within collaborative centres, data and analytics centres and executive client suites.

The software supports multiple established collaboration methodologies – from scan/focus/act to design thinking – so is used to support and amplify those quite complex ways of working. It is also being used in simpler guises to present multiple data sets and allow live interactive working with data visualization to find insights. Now it is also being used by our automotive client for brainstorming and ideation. Imagine a digital project wall – with everyone’s thoughts and ideas captured – then reviewing and editing the content (from PDFs, websites, images, sketches, post-its, excels etc) to develop ideas into tangibles that can then be actioned. Cultures and traditional behaviours change as collaboration improves. Sales increase. Engagement drives employee energy and excitement.

What would you like to see clients achieve using CoCreate?

CoCreate can help make sense of the reams of data available for decision making – and from that, start to roadmap a way forward to achieve their goals. CoCreate will become the go to software solution to allow group genius thinking to be harnessed – but also reduce the time taken to get to the insights and decisions – so a 1 hour meeting with CoCreate can achieve more than ½ a day of video-conferencing or standard meetings.

What do you think the future of the workplace is going to look like?

With more remote working and a wider spread of working hours, the physical workplace will be geared towards group working – whether that be small informal huddles or pre-programmed workshops – people will come in to work with each other – not just sit at a desk on their own. Hot desks will become more flexible spaces, with modular furniture and flexible technology that’s connected to their stuff wherever and with whomever they are with. Those who can’t attend in person will be remotely engaged, not just to benefit from their thinking, but to bring their emotion to the meeting and decisions too. We know that emotional engagement drives ownership.

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