The Cleveland Cavaliers’ sports stadium in Ohio, USA recently reinvigorated its venue with a $185 million investment. Central to the transformation was a first of its kind ‘Power Portal’ – a fully immersive entrance tunnel, covered floor to ceiling in 204 sqm of 2.6mm digiLED panels, amounting to a jaw-dropping 31 million pixels. This amazing creation was delivered by design and execution company ANC.

The screen comprises two types of digiLED products – digiLED’s digiTHIN HD was utilised for the sides and the ceiling and digiFLEX was used to create the curving elements.

digiLED’s digiTHIN is sleek and slim, and with a depth of only 54mm it was perfect for the project. Each digiTHIN chassis has four independent, unique z adjustment screws that enable the front surface of the screen to be adjusted for a truly level and flat display.

digiLED’s digiFLEX is super bendy, has astonishing viewing angles and is a limitless, creative solution for ingenious applications like this one. Its magnetic fixings make installations simple, and on the rare occasions that tiles need to be swapped out, it can be done in only a few seconds.

Combined, the two types of LED screens supplied by digiLED were the perfect solution for this project, creating a Power Portal the Cleveland Cavaliers fans will never forget.

“I really enjoyed working on this project and I am proud to say our digiLED screens are now the centrepiece of this arena. The Power Portal is an experience of light and sound that leaves visitors in awe and creates a customer experience like no other.” says Randy Green, General Manager Americas, digiLED.

“With digiLED and ANC, any experience you can imagine, we can deliver,” comments George Linardos, ANC President and Chief Executive Officer. “The Rocket Mortgage Power Portal illustrates our ever-increasing ability to offer our clients the most innovative product selection to create unforgettable places.”

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