Cineworld has opted to install more than 1,000 of Christie’s next-generation RGB pure laser projectors at many of its locations around the world. All of the projectors boast Christie’s RealLaser illumination technology, and promise greater reliability than current lamp-based models that can often be found inside Cineworld’s cinemas.

With more than 9,500 screens across 10 territories, Cineworld is the world’s second largest cinema chain and this deal should see it upgrade nearly a tenth of its screens with the new laser projectors. That should massively benefit the chain’s customers, who should notice a clear difference between the old projectors and these new models.

“At Cineworld, we have always focused on leading technologies to benefit the cinema experience. Christie has been a great partner of ours for many years. Its talent for innovation is well known, as well as its high-level of service and support,” said Renana Teperberg, Chief Commercial Officer, Cineworld.

“We strongly believe that the RGB experience will further improve the quality of the picture across our estate. Our core strategy is being the best place to watch a movie, and high-quality projection is clearly one of the tent poles of this strategy.”

Cineworld has been leading the charge amongst cinema chains in upgrading its screens with exciting new technologies to entice people into going to the movie theatre. The chain has previously used technologies such as 4DX, D-Box and IMAX, but now through upgraded visuals, users who don’t pay an upcharge for those formats will also see a benefit from going to the cinema.

Christie’s RGB laser projectors should begin their roll-out this summer, with Cineworld set to start the process at its Regal sites in the US. When we’ll see the upgraded projectors in the UK is yet to be seen, although with Regal boasting 7,307 screens, these 1,000 new laser projectors could easily be exclusively rolled out to the US.    

Dale Miller, Executive Vice President, Cinema, at Christie, said, “Christie is honoured that Cineworld has entered into a relationship with us that will provide spectacular movie moments to audiences, starting with numerous, select Regal sites across the U.S. We are committed to assisting Cineworld in generating exemplary box office returns, drawing on the audience appeal that RGB laser-projection excellence can deliver.”

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