Cinépolis has chosen to manage its digital signage channels across their Mexico, Brazil and part of US movie theatres.

Cinépolis operates 862 cinema complexes with 6664 movie theatres in 17 countries, being the third largest cinema chain in the world in numbers of theatres, the second in number of tickets sold and the first in the amount of tickets sold per theatre.

The operation was done in collaboration with the AV integrator Stratech –the Mexican partner of– and, in this first phase, has seen the remote download and installation of 1600 players in Cinépolis’ displays.

This project began in August 2020, when the marketing team of Cinepolis started looking for a new platform to manage all of their digital signage.

“We were put to the test in a variety of scenarios, to which we responded quickly and with solutions, giving form and bringing to life all of their requests: Custom made applets, Superimposed text on video, integration of the player with their existing hardware, synchronization of screens to create wow effects… There was no request that we could not develop to showcase the versatility and power of our software”, says Germán Talón, CTO of

“Cinépolis needed a solution that allowed them to manage their movie listings and the food court prices automatically”, adds Germán Talón. “The data that was to be displayed on their menu boards and digital billboards had to be automatically updated with their data, meaning that the applets had to update automatically and without any human interaction”.

That is how they introduced in their strategy the new concept of intelligent templates from, the APPLETS, microapps that are executed from the platform to change and/or update the content in an automatic manner from an external source, and are used to change the content dynamically, saving time and costs.

One of the custom developments for Cinépolis was the integration, through readable .xml files that come from the internal servers of Cinépolis, with which the applets connect to extract the information automatically.

Finally, after having evaluated different platforms, Cinépolis chose for “the power, flexibility, the capacity to improve the product on the fly, the speed of response and for having certain features that other platforms did no offer”, according to Cinépolis. “ allows us to do the things all the other platforms told us where impossible to do”.

Regarding the hardware, Cinépolis digital signage network is composed of different screens with different characteristics in their different cinemas. As such, had to manage different operating systems, displays and screen resolutions. None of which posed a problem to during the three weeks during which the whole installation was made without barely any intervention from the technical teams from or Stratech, as the installation was made by the client itself after receiving training in the use of the platform.

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