Since the launch of the Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) Alliance, various manufacturers have clamoured to ensure that they support the standardised approach to maximise the scale, scope and user experience of AV-over-IP system architecture and performance. Now, founding member Christie is the latest name to support the open standard, with the Christie Terra line-up of products being debuted at InfoComm 2017.

Built on standardised SDVoE technology, Christie Terra solutions support video formats up to 4K at 60Hz and provide unprecedented performance capabilities transporting and processing of uncompressed, zero-frame latency, artefact-free video over affordable 10G Ethernet components.

“Christie has broad experience with image processing and AV-over-IP applications which makes it well positioned to produce products and solutions that provide superior quality and higher performance than traditional AV system designs,” says Clark Williams, executive vice president, Content Management and Processing, Christie.

“With an established, respected and trusted history supplying and supporting various high-end applications with performance-driven display technologies, advanced processing, warping, media playback and network-distributed systems to a variety of markets, we are proud to deliver Christie Terra as a new SDVoE-compliant solution. With this product introduction, Christie marks the beginning of an entirely new way of working that streamlines, enhances and improves AV distribution, processing and management in ways that have never before been possible.”

As part of a Terra solution, the Christie Terra Transmitter processes audiovisual sources and control signals and transports uncompressed, zero-frame latency, artefact-free content over 10G Ethernet networks.  The Christie Terra Receiver accepts the audiovisual data and control from the 10G Ethernet network and supplies it to displays or other AV devices. The Christie Terra Controller provides complete operational control and management for the streamlined installation, configuration, programming and upgrading of Christie Terra systems.

“We’re excited that Christie took a leading position as a founder in the SDVoE Alliance. The Christie Terra products contribute to a growing ecosystem of hardware, software and infrastructure components that are available from SDVoE Alliances members,” adds Justin Kennington, president, of the SDVoE Alliance. “SDVoE was created to enable the AV industry to take advantage of 10G Ethernet hardware to move video with flawless quality and zero latency. The addition of Christie Terra to the SDVoE platform enables the development of a whole new class of applications that are just now coming to market.”

Christie Terra delivers the following features and benefits:

  • Zero-frame latency: Enables natural, real-time monitoring, communication and collaboration among users as well as simultaneous response and control of all networked devices
  • Uncompressed AV processing:  4:4:4 quality maintained from source to display, resulting in pixel-perfect, artefact-free, fluid and natural content that is uncompromised
  • Broad video resolution support up to 4K@60Hz: Ensures that AV systems support a full range of resolutions including 4K formats
  • Complete AV and control connectivity: Support includes video, audio, RS-232, IR control, Gigabit Ethernet and USB
  • System scalability:  Using off-the-shelf 10G Ethernet components, SDVoE systems are easily expandable, providing a flexible, inherently future-proofed system architecture
  • Superior video scaling: High-quality processing for video wall magnification and multi-viewer applications
  • 10GbE network: High-bandwidth switching and transport over standardized network protocols for streamlined, easily integrated and expanded systems that are flexible, scalable and cost-effective
  • Intelligent EDID and HDCP management: Easy management of EDID and HDCP across the entire system to ensure adaptability across multiple sources and displays
  • Part of a complete Christie solution: Christie offers complete end-to-end solutions comprising display, processing and presentation technologies that deliver high-quality, reliable and powerful AV systems that work
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