If you’re working on a projection mapping project, chances are you’ve heard of Christie Mystique. The camera-based alignment tool is ideal for projecting onto complex screen shapes and surfaces, and is remarkably simple to use. Unfortunately, it was only really accessible to those using one of Christie’s 3DLP projectors, although that’s no longer the case. Christie has announced that Christie Mystique will now be compatible with HS Series 1DLP laser projectors.

Christie Mystique removes the painstaking work and expense of manual image alignment and ongoing calibration of multi-projector arrays. Using Mystique, users no longer need to sacrifice specifying a compact, quiet projector for accurate and simple projection mapping set-up, as that’s exactly what the HS Series offers.

  • With Christie HS Series and Mystique, users can:
  • Calculate complex warps and blends on any screen shape;
  • Automate projector stacking for increased brightness;
  • Recalibrate with one touch when things move or shift;
  • Reduce the need for ‘dark time’ in venues, Mystique takes approximately one minute per projector to recalibrate.

“With Christie HS Series and Mystique, we’re able to offer customers technology that was previously limited to 3DLP projectors,” says Joel St-Denis, Senior Project Manager, Christie.

“We think this combination will allow customers to consider multi-projector arrays for projects where budget was previously a barrier.”

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