Christie has announced plans to show off two new variants of its D4K40-RGB pure laser projector at InfoComm 2019. This projector has already been popular with large venues that require a long-term solution, but with these two new variants, installers now have a bit more flexibility.

A True Roadie

When it comes to the rental staging market, Christie has often taken some of its most popular projectors, tweaked them and launched them under the Roadie brand. Well, now the company is announcing that the D4K40-RGB is getting that same treatment, with the firm confirming that it will be showcasing the Roadie DK40-RGB at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando. This projector has been designed to maintain all of the functionality that made the original model popular, but with some enhancements that make it more suitable for the rental market.

Similar to the non-Roadie version, the Roadie DK40-RGB is an all-in-one unit, meaning there’s no need for external chillers or remote laser racks of special pedestals. While that was useful on the original model, it becomes even more crucial when you consider this projector will need be easy to install due to the time constraints associated with the rental market.

Part of that easy set-up includes the fact that the projector only requires single-phase 220V power, something that is easily accessible at most large venues where this projector will see operation. Coupled with the fact that this projector weighs just 135kg, which is lighter than most competing models, it should be easy to install and uninstall this projector at any site.

There’s no denying that the rental market can be brutal on a projector, but the Roadie DK40-RGB has specifically been engineered to ensure that it can withstand whatever is thrown at it. Christie designed a strengthened frame, while it also included a patented sealed optical path meaning the projector requires no maintenance. What’s more the laser light source promises 30,000 hours of operation at 80% brightness.

In terms of visuals, those who are already accustomed to the D4K40-RGB should be unsurprised. The Roadie edition still includes Trulife electronics and Christie’s famous RGB laser, which coupled together produce 95% of the rec.2020 colour space and boasts a 5,000:1 contrast ratio. To deliver that image, users have a choice of lenses, with the Roadie RK40-RGB laser projector compatible with most Christie Boxer lenses.

“By introducing the Roadie 4K40-RGB laser projector, Christie has once again made things easier for rental stagers who work hard to present the best show possible,” said Mike Garrido, Senior Product Manager, Christie.

“They’ll find its light, compact form factor and omnidirectional capabilities easy to manoeuvre into place for the show and to take down after the show, saving them both time and money. With its 12G-SDI, DisplayPort, Christie Terra SDVoE input card, and more, connecting numerous sources is easy. And with the Christie Link fibre distribution system, customers can take a 4K 4:4:4 120 hertz signal up to 2.5 miles.”

Users are free to use the Roadie 4K40-RGB with both Christie Mystique – Christie’s automated camera-based alignment software solution – and Christie Guardian, which provides invisible, real-time automatic blended-image correction even when content is playing, the days of lengthy alignment times are gone.

It’s All A Mirage

In addition to a D4K40 laser projector designed for the rental market, Christie is also rolling out a new model for 3D visualisation applications. This model will fall under the Mirage brand, aptly dubbed the Mirage 4K40-RGB.

The Mirage model boasts built-in warping and blending, near field communication monitoring and an at-a-glance preview screen, and it’s shipping now. Those wishing to opt for the Roadie will find that available by the end of June 2019.  

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