Christie is expanding its RGB laser projection line-up even further, with the firm announcing the launch of the Christie Mirage SST. This projector has been specifically designed for complex installation requirements, such as in theme park attractions and dome theatres, and features the company’s TruLife electronics.

The Christie Mirage SST features an ultra-compact, fibre coupled projection head. This means that the projector can be separated into two pieces, with the light source and chilling equipment located away from the main projection head. That’s why this projection solution is suitable for places like theme park attractions, as space may be of a premium, while a noisy projector could quite easily ruin an otherwise immersive experience. Another benefit to the split projection solution is the fact that the Mirage SST’s projection head weighs 50kg, meaning it should be easier to install.

Despite the small form factor of the projection head and the split design of the whole projection solution, the Mirage SST is still capable of delivering a 4K resolution at 120ps, or, with an option licence, 480fps at 2K resolution. These high frame rates remove blurring and strobing effects in fast-moving imagery, which is often critical in areas such as theme park installations. The Mirage SST also claims to achieve greater than 90% of the Rec. 2020 colour space and 5000:1 on/off contrast with ultra-high contrast lenses.

“The Mirage SST joins the recently released D4K40-RGB in Christie’s line up of RGB laser projectors,” said Mike Garrido, senior product manager, Christie.

“The Mirage SST brings flexibility to system design and incredible image fidelity, and, as a result, we believe the creation of the next generation of spectacular, immersive visual experiences is now possible.”

The Christie Mirage SST can be installed in single or multi-projector configurations and is compatible with Christie Mystique Install, which simplifies the design, installation and maintenance of multi-projector arrays, and Christie Guardian, which offers automated, invisible, real-time blended image correction even when content is playing. 

The Christie Mirage SST ships in Q1 2019 with a three-year parts and labour warranty.

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