Production manager and lighting designer, James Quigley with chief LX, Dan Young, uphold the visual brand using Chauvet DJ and Chauvet Professional fixtures to tone the truss and maximise light in the cage.

Positioned eight-per-side on booms, 16 Chauvet DJ Colorband PiX linear pixel-mapping fixtures shoot colour through the cage.

A total of 24 Chauvet Professional ColoRado 1-Tri Tour units, the most recent additions bought for the show via Yorkshire-based R&M Productions, warm the truss from the top of the cage.

“The theme is strong and repeatable and the colour scheme is very important,” explains Dan. “Between rounds the colour-chases and pixel-mapping through the show colours of red and blue is recognisably Cage Warriors.

“We chose the ColoRados because of how well the Chauvet lights mix,” he continues. “One of our key briefs is not to get pink, which is almost impossible mixing red and blue. It was quite an achievement and we achieved it with the Chauvet fixtures because they’re so responsive.”

The truss above the fight cage, within which the lights are enclosed, is constructed from slender 30cm truss and, as James confirms: “Specifically, they fit inside the truss we use. We’d been using larger lights and disguising them but with a small crew and short load-in times that’s just not practical.”

“As soon as it was mentioned they would fit, I said ‘go for it, they’re great – and more than capable of the job’,” Dan enthuses. “They have all the features, if not more, of products in a higher price range.”

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