Canon has announced a few new models that are set to join its range of portable projectors, and while all these new models promise a long lifespan with a low total cost of ownership, they don’t follow the trend of the projector industry in shipping with a laser light source. Instead, the LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350 promise that long lifespan using a traditional lamp, and that’s without sacrificing picture quality or brightness levels.  

The LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350 all promise to offer the same longevity as laser models, despite the lower price point, and are rated for around 20,000 hours. Of course, one of the benefits of laser is the fact it requires minimal maintenance, and thankfully Canon has done some work on that front too. The LCD panels are now manufactured from inorganic materials to reduce maintenance requirements. The expanded range also uses a newly designed lamp unit, with an improved driving system to increase the power supply efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Should repairs need to be done, then the design of these projectors allows for easy access to the internals, and all three models come with a three-year return-to-base warranty and up to three replacement lamps free for the first three years.  

The three models produce between 3,500 and 3,700 lumens, and while the trend has been to switch to a laser light source, Canon understands that a laser projector not only adds cost, but it also adds weight. This new projector line-up weighs just 3.3kg, allowing them to be completely portable. That’s without sacrificing visual quality, with all three employing three LCD panels to produce 10-bit colours and deep blacks. Canon has even been able to circumvent the issue of gridlines on the LV-WU360 and LV-WX370 by utilising a micro-lens to boost the brightness of the light and make the appearance of gridlines almost invisible.  

The LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350 all produce a range of resolutions from WUXGA at 1920 x 1200, WXGA at 1280 x 800 and XGA at 1024 x 768, respectively, providing a solution for all budgets and IT infrastructures. The LV-WU360 is Canon’s first portable model delivering WUXGA resolution, which is now commonly found in offices around the world.  

Offering a broad range of connectivity options from the control terminal, including LAN, two different types of USB, and two HDMI ports, users can show a variety of content including presentations, images and video on these models. With the USB ports and user interface, content can be easily projected if the laptop has no video output terminal or from a memory stick without the need for a laptop, for simplified set up. Audio output is also possible directly from the projector, thanks to the 10w speaker. For even greater portability, all three projectors have a standard, fast and instant cooling function – allowing the device to be instantly powered down and transported to the next location. 

In terms of versatility, the LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350 can be setup in just about any location, whether it’s a small meeting room or a conference hall. They can project an image from anywhere between 30in all the way up to 300in, and it includes all the normal features you would expect from a projector, such as automatic keystone adjustment. Both the LV-WX370 and LV-X350 also make use of geometry correction to ensure the image retains its desired shape when projecting onto a concave or convex screen or surface. 

 The Canon LV-WU360, LV-WX370 and LV-X350 are available from August 2019 with the following RSPs: 

  • LV-WU360: £820.80/€960.00 
  • LV-WX370: £547.20/€640.00 
  • LV-X350: £513.00/€600.00 
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