Cameri Theatre Tel Aviv invests in Robe ESPRITES and Tetra2s

The Cameri Theatre in Tel Aviv is one of the busiest and most recognised in Israel, and since 2003 has been located in the vibrant cultural hub that is the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Centre. Founded in 1848 shortly after the State of Israel itself was formally established, the theatre is focused on producing local works. It has five halls, the largest with a 1,000 capacity and has recently invested in Robe ESPRITE moving lights and Tetra2 moving LED battens.

These were the first moving lights in the venue and were initially purchased for a production of Kaymim Achadim lit by Nadav Barnea, explains Technical Manager Shabi Aaron Nahum, who is delighted with the new fixtures.

The very first Robes in the house were ParFects, so they were familiar with the brand through these and generally. After making the decision to invest for the production, they specifically needed lights with good shuttering, zoom and dimmer curve as the seven ESPRITES are deployed on the front bridge.

Before making the choice Shabi checked out various spot fixtures with shutters, but ESPRITE came out on top. “The shutters are perfect, they do not move even 1% on recall,” he says, adding that the quality of the light output also impressed them.

ESPRITE has become an increasingly popular choice for theatre and performing arts venues since its launch three years ago.

The 20 x Tetra2s are rigged on the upstage bars of the Cameri’s main hall and were also picked for the intensity and colour, as well as to illuminate an 8m rear screen, which they wash evenly and seamlessly.

Shabi and his team also liked the Tetra’s 4-45 degree zoom which assists in attaining that nice even wash and appreciate the refined dimmer curve in this fixture too.

All these Robe luminaires are now part of the house rig and used daily on all the shows, including, while were visiting, by Bambi (Avi Yona Bueno) one of Israel’s best known and most innovative lighting designers, who was lighting The Chabadnikim a musical show directed by Gilad Kimchi and Udi Gottshalk with his long-term programmer, Alon Cohen.

Bambi revealed that he had been encouraging the Cameri to invest in ESPRITES for some time! “They are absolutely amazing fixtures, very elegant and with such a great range of effects,” he states. On this show five were on the front bridge and two in the side slips positions. “The shutters and the zoom are incredible,” exclaims Bambi, while Alon’s thoughts included “beautiful fixtures where the light path is fully in focus throughout the zoom.”

Bambi and Alon further both remarked on how the ESPRITES’ high CRI enabled fantastic faces and flesh tones.

They used the Tetra2s as a back curtain and for other effects for this highly visual show which featured an elaborate set designed by Eran Atzmon and brought a critical yet sympathetic focus on some serious social issues.

The Camera Theatre’s new Robe lights were supplied by Danor Theatre and Studio Systems, Robe’s very proactive Israeli distributor which has been a powerhouse in establishing the brand across all genres of entertainment lighting.

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