The BrightSign, LLC digital signage player maker has announced a new technology that uses Bluetooth to bring viewer interactivity to the digital signage market.

The company’s new BrightBeacon capability enables businesses to connect digital signage to their customers’ mobile devices.

This manufacturer says the new technology is designed to evolve digital signage to a two-screen experience and enables highly targeted audience participation presenting near-limitless potential to businesses interested in maximising the impact of their digital signage networks.

BrightBeacon makes it possible for businesses to create unique, personalised experiences for virtually any application, enabling bi-directional communication between digital signage and their customers’ mobile devices.

The idea is to increase customer engagement by enabling businesses to provide highly relevant messaging and content on their digital signage and on customers’ mobile devices.

New levels of audience participation is also created when the customer is presented with options to interact with and control the signage from their mobile device.

BrightSign argues that integrating Bluetooth technology into the digital signage ecosystem will fuel the next wave of innovation in digital signage.

With an expected $40B increase in beacon-related sales in 2016, installers should be able to target businesses that are keen to take advantage of this new technology.

Other areas where the technology could be used include transportation hubs, corporate and educational campuses.

Interactive exhibits at museums and entertainment venues are also possible applications that could benefit.

The manufacturer argues that what sets BrightBeacon apart from competitor solutions is that the Bluetooth low-energy (BTLE) beacon itself is integrated in the BrightSign 4K1142 player, so there is no need for an external device.

The beacon scans for other BTLE-enabled mobile devices and sends targeted content based on the device’s location.

Additionally, the beacon can also receive content, opening the door for two-way engagement that BrightSign says has not been available as an integrated solution.

BrightBeacon will be available in September on BrightSign’s 4K1142 media player via the free firmware update 6.2 (backward-compatible for existing 4K1142 units already in the field).

BrightBeacon can be programmed and controlled via BrightAuthor and the BrightSign Network, enabling remotely control and access.

The BrightBeacon iOS app is available as a free download on the App Store and the BrightBeacon feature can also be integrated with third-party Apps.

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