Finding success with powerful, reliable, but affordable digital signage delivery platforms, Brightsign CEO Jeff Hastings tells Commercial Integrator Europe (CIE) that 2015 is set to be another big year starting with a new family called the LS line.

This new line was developed following customer feedback indicating the need for low cost players in a new smaller form factor.

The LS322 is an audio only player and offers S/PDIF out as well as GPIO and USB interactive functionality.

The LS422 is a fully featured model offering audio and video (1080p30) as well as networking, use with the Brightsign App, UDP control and IP streaming.

Both models are fully commercial grade products, designed to give the customer the reliability needed for 24/7 usage.

Jeff says: “It is important to remember that as well as expanding into high performance areas, there is also demand for reliable lower cost solutions in the digital signage sector, this range has been designed to fulfill the demand here and stop SME’s using consumer solutions when what is needed is pro level device.” 

The company is also offering updated HD models which for the first time introduce HTML5 support, 1080p60 single decode and remote snapshot ability.

The HD222 Networked Basic Interactive player delivers networked content updates and live data feeds along with HTML5 support, 1080p60 video playback, GPIO interactivity, UDP support, remote snapshot and BrightWall video wall synchronisation.

The HD1022 Networked Multi-Control Interactive player takes things up a notch by adding interactive options via USB 2.0 and serial to fully engage an audience.

A particularly useful feature is the remote snapshot feature which allows an installer to check everything is running smoothly and the correct content is being played our across really large systems.

The company is also proud to bring full HTML5 into this middle price bracket of its range.

Jeff explains that the XD Models have also received a make-over and now deliver faster graphics and HTML5 engine, dual 1080p60 decode, PoE and Live TV functionality.

The XD232 Networked Basic Interactive model delivers those faster graphics and HTML5 engine as well as offering POE+, interaction via UDP commands and the BrightSign App as well as GPIO controls and BrightWall video wall synchronisation.

It’s bigger brother, the XD1032 Networked Multi-Control Interactive has all its siblings functionality, but with S/PDIF output for pure digital and surround sound audio and additional interactive controls via serial and two USB 2.0 ports.

Finally, the XD1132 Networked Multi-Control Interactive Player with Live TV model offers all the features BrightSign XD offers plus Live TV playback via the HDMI input.

Brightsign is also very proud of its 4K offering which deliver all the functionalities of the XD series, with of course the addition of 4K compatibility.

The 4K242 Networked Basic Interactive player is capable of dual decoding one 4K and one Full HD video simultaneously and delivers a hardware-accelerated HTML5 engine, PoE, abundant content support and interactivity via UDP and GPIO.

Also in the 4K family, the 4K1042 Networked Multi-Control Interactive Player has all the abilities as the 4K242, but adds S/PDIF output for pure digital surround sound audio and a multitude of interactive controls for engaging interactive displays including GPIO, serial, USB and UDP.

The last word in this series goes to the 4K1142 Networked Multi-Control Interactive & Live TV Player which adds live TV playback via the HDMI input.

Jeff explains: “The reception to our 4K range has been really great, what we are offering here at this price point is really amazing, they are not just delivering the industry’s next screen format, but they are rock solid performers in every department.

“4K will really start to bite next year, prices of the screens are coming down and of course the commercial sector can create its own 4K content without the need for Hollywood studios to catch up.”

In terms of opportunities for installers, Jeff says the biggest growth is in retail as analogue signage continues to transition into the digital sector and with the luxury retail brands beginning to really appreciate the power of great signage as with 4K for the first time, images can look as good as, if not better, than print media.

Another big opportunity identified by Jeff is in the digital menu-board sector for restaurants and fast food chains wanting to exploit the opportunities presented by dynamic communication with customers.

Whatever the sector, Jeff is confident his company has the player to suit and will continue to take a leading role in the expansion of the European digital signage sector.

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