BrightSign and MOKA Technology have jointly announced a partnership to develop a new line of commercial displays with integrated digital signage capabilities. The flagship of this new product line – the MOKA BS60 – will debut at InfoComm 2023, with attendees getting an exclusive first look at the new commercial display in BrightSign’s booth #813, as well as MOKA’s booth #351. MOKA joins the growing list of hardware manufacturers embracing the BrightSign Built-In platform, with the distinction of being the first manufacturer specialising in large-format commercial displays to embed the BrightSign Built-In solution.

“BrightSign is the ideal partner to bring digital signage capabilities to our growing portfolio of commercial displays,” says Laurence Liang, GM of MOKA Technology and VP of TCL Technology Group. “BrightSign has a strong reputation of performance that is unrivalled in today’s market, with a track record of reliability that ensures our customers will enjoy years of trouble-free use from our new BrightSign-enabled commercial displays.”

The new MOKA BS60 is an intelligent commercial display that supports 4K content and can be installed in landscape or portrait orientation. The display is framed by an ultra-narrow matte black bezel and is ideal for use in retail and other business applications. The BS60 offers 25% haze and 3H surface hardening, all with an integrated, ultra-thin design with an overall depth of less than 2in. With brightness of 500 nits, high colour gamut (90%) and ultra-high contrast, this commercial-grade display delivers uncompromising performance for a wide range of professional applications.

“Demand for our BrightSign Built-In platform is strong, but until now our market penetration has been limited to smaller screens used in applications that lack ample room to mount external players,” says Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. “We believe there is an underserved need for larger screens with integrated digital signage capabilities, and we are pleased to collaborate with MOKA to bring to market a strong product offering to meet this growing demand.”

The MOKA BS60 line of commercial displays with BrightSign Built-In will consist of 32, 43, 50, 55 and 65in models.

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