Bose Professional is now shipping its new ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers. The speakers have been specifically designed for both installation and portable installations, with field-changeable waveguides promising an enhanced sound quality.

Unlike conventional line array loudspeakers, Bose says that its DeltaQ array technology will boost sound quality and vocal clarity through its selectable coverage patterns that can direct more sound energy to the audience. It does this by allowing directivity, or ‘Q’, to vary to each array module.

ShowMatch full-range array loudspeakers are available with 5°, 10° or 20° vertical coverage with versatility that allows J-array, constant-curvature, or DeltaQ array configurations. Bose claims that conventional line arrays can require up to twice the box count compared to DeltaQ arrays to achieve comparable vertical coverage. DeltaQ arrays will supposedly improve sight lines, reduce rigging weight and lower system costs. Modules ship with both 70° and 100° waveguides, with optional 55° and 120° kits available.

A matching-width 18in ShowMatch DeltaQ subwoofer provides low-frequency extension down to 30 Hz. Integrated rigging allows mixed arrays with full-range modules, or subwoofer arrays including cardioid and ground-stack configurations. The subwoofer measures 21.2in x 30.1in x 30.5in  and weighs 61.9 kg.

Bose is also offering a full set of rigging accessories including array frames, pullback brackets, ground-stack brackets, pickup-point adapters, and fixed-installation quick pins.

To support ShowMatch DeltaQ array designs, Bose Professional will soon release updated version 6.9 of Modeler software with a specific toolset optimised for ShowMatch loudspeakers. Additionally, Bose will release a new interactive design aid called Bose Array Tool, allowing quick configuration of Bose array loudspeakers via direct-field coverage mapping.

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