Bluesound Professional continues its development of commercial music players with its announcement of the B170S Networked Streaming Stereo Amplifier, a versatile amplified streamer.

The B170S is an all-encompassing networked streaming amplifier that satisfies a multitude of commercial audio needs. Features like low-impedance lines out, constant voltage option, energy-efficient amplification technology and a compact form factor makes the B170S ideal for supporting bulk speaker installations and daisy-chained speaker setups. 

The B170S is designed to work with all kinds of installations. High performance audio can be achieved with the low impedance option via 4- or 8-Ohm low impedance outputs. Using the low impedance outputs is particularly fitting for applications where intelligibility and audio quality are most important. Alternatively, bulk speaker installations like corridors or high-traffic areas can be catered to with the 70/100V constant voltage option that allows for daisy-chained speakers, reducing cable lengths and complexity.

The amplifier section of the B170S offers various power options: 2 x 80W into 4/8Ω, 2 x 100W at 70V, or 1 x 100W at 100V, which is plenty of power for small or large installations. Additionally, thermostatic fan cooling and a standby mode consuming only 6W of power ensures reliable operation in commercial environments.

Thanks to its sleek design, the B170S can be mounted vertically or horizontally, allowing it to seamlessly hide under shelves, tables or on walls. Keyhole slots allow for stealthy mounting options closer to where speakers will be installed. Up to 6 B170S units can be rack mounted into a 3U space with the racking accessory, helping to free up space for things like POS systems, wine fridges and other important appliances.

Bluesound Professional’s partner music services like SoundMachine, Custom Channels, SiriusXM for Business, Qsic, Tunify and others, are natively integrated and easily controlled on the B170S using BluOS. Group multiple zones of audio using the BluOS app and have secure, third-party control of all your audio zones while being able to select legal, commercially licensed music from countless streaming services.

Key features of the B170S Networked Streaming Speaker:

•             A complete stereo solution for commercial installations.

•             Integration with local network content storage.

•             Low impedance and constant voltage outputs options:

o             2x80W into 4/8 Ω

o             or 2x100W into 70V

o             or 1x100W into 100V

•             Operates on the BluOS platform allowing flexible, unlimited grouping of zones.

•             Integration with streaming services including SoundMachine, Qsic, Tunify and SiriusXM for Business.

•             6W standby mode.

•             Flexible mounting options.

•             Secure network preventing unauthorised control.

•             Third-party control options compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

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