PSNI Global Alliance has awarded The AV Company and SKS Technologies with the organization’s coveted ‘Best Places to Work in AV’ accolade, based off key metrics provided by PSNI-exclusive Employee Engagement Survey.

This was the fifth annual survey PSNI has conducted amongst its global Certified Solution Providers, with this year bringing a record-breaking response from PSNI’s 18,000+ member network.

The AV Company, based in Hawaii, claimed the accolade for companies with less than 50 employees while Australian-based integrator, SKS Technologies took the award in the ‘over-50 employees’ category.

“Trust, communication and teamwork key to our success,” says Thomas Lee, President at The AV Company. “Keeping everyone informed and engaged from the top-down removes uncertainty and mistrust. If we succeed, we all succeed together. The funny this is, we can all still laugh when we fall, but most of all, learn from our mistakes.”

The PSNI internal Employee Engagement survey focused on three specific objectives to obtain its results: levels of employee engagement within the network, identifying work attributes that are most responsible for driving employee engagement, plus understanding employee perceptions in areas such as leadership, work relationships, culture, growth, and opportunity.

“There are many factors that make a successful business, but none more important than its people,” states PSNI Global Alliance executive director, Chris Miller.  “The AV Company and SKS Technologies have thoroughly demonstrated their effectiveness in helping employees continue to feel connected to the organization to keep their engagement strong.”

“2020 was certainly a very challenging year on a global scale, as well as a transformational year for our company,” says SKS Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Jinks. “This ‘Best Places to Work in AV’ acknowledgement is something that we will be extremely proud of now, and for the years to come as we continue to grow and build market presence in our region.”

PSNI Global Alliance is a firm advocate of employee engagement and employee development. The Employee Engagement survey establishes a benchmark amongst its network’s Certified Solution Providers and is the only one of its kind within the AV industry.

To date, PSNI Global Alliance represents nearly 200 licensed service and integration offices around the globe, tipping the scales in 50 countries spanning across 6 continents making it the largest global network of audio/visual integrators covering the largest geographical area in the world.

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