Belden Inc, which create signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has joined the Software Defined Video Over Ethernet (SDVoE) Alliance to support a standardised hardware and software platform for AV over IP.

Belden’s connectivity solutions take a universal approach to AV and IT signal transmission needs. As the industry adapts to Internet of Things (IoT) and convergence – bringing multiple disparate systems together onto one network for better communication, mobility, efficiency and safety – Belden’s portfolio of audio, video and communication products can help organisations of all kinds integrate the delivery of high-definition, uncompressed signals.

AV over IP

AV over IP solutions meet the demand for high-definition, real-time engaging content, offering full high-definition capabilities with near-zero latency. Multi-point installations can be easily controlled and managed through any device: laptop, smartphone, etc.

“We’re pleased to become an active member of the SDVoE Alliance,” says Dave Geon, vice president of USA sales for Belden. “Years of research and development, spanning multiple levels of the OSI model, put us in a position to support the adoption of AV-over-IP platforms. Belden’s deep understanding of AV technology extends beyond cable and connectivity to include the active component brands in our portfolio – including Grass Valley, Thinklogical and Tripwire – which gives us unique insight into AV and IT platforms, and how they can work together.”

High performance

In the AV industry, the demand for higher-performance communications has become more prevalent than ever before. As a result, professional and quality cabling systems and components that span a vast spectrum of applications are necessary.

“The mission of the SDVoE Alliance is to provide the solid, stable, reliable and cost-effective AV-over-IP platform the pro AV market needs to fully realise the benefits of standardised Ethernet infrastructure,” said Justin Kennington, president of the SDVoE Alliance. “We look forward to working with Belden to capitalise on their vast experience in connectivity solutions and lessons learned during the broadcast industry transition from SDI to IP-based systems.”

As the industry adjusts to IP convergence throughout the broadcast and professional AV markets, Belden is well positioned with a broad product portfolio of audio, video, and communication solutions utilising coax, fiber, hybrid fiber, multi-conductor and category cable and connectivity products including connectors, assemblies, panels and racks.

SDVoE Alliance

The SDVoE Alliance is a nonprofit consortium of technology providers collaborating to standardise the adoption of Ethernet to transport AV signals in professional AV environments, and to create an ecosystem around SDVoE technology allowing software to define AV applications.

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