Audio over IP innovator Barix has added two significant new capabilities to its recently launched Exstreamer M400 decoder and award-winning IP Former analog-to-IP speaker conversion hardware, enabling the devices to address an even wider range of IP audio applications. Direct integration with Barix’s IC Paging solution enables Exstreamer M400 and IP Former devices to be easily added as audio playout endpoints in the company’s advanced paging and intercom platform, while AES67 support enables interoperability with Dante-compatible products and AES67-based audio-over-IP networks. Barix will highlight the new capabilities in booth 5461 at the InfoComm 2021 exhibition, taking place October 27 to 29 in Orlando, Florida.

The Exstreamer M400 is the first model in a new generation of Barix’s renowned Exstreamer IP audio codec family. It offers end users and systems integrators a reliable, extensible, and easy-to-deploy decoder platform supporting the latest technology standards for applications including background music, paging, SIP/VoIP integration, and emergency notification. The Barix IP Former hardware transforms analog loudspeakers into feature-rich, networked, PoE-powered IP speakers by providing an IP network interface, audio stream decoder, and amplifier front-end for a two- to eight-ohm speaker. Current analog speaker installations can be retrofitted by simply swapping their transformers with IP Former units, maximizing the lifespan of customers’ existing investments.

Powerful Paging Integration

Widely deployed in schools, businesses, and public infrastructure around the globe, Barix’s flexible Intercom (IC) Paging solution is a complete, fully IP-based paging and two-way intercom platform that delivers high-quality audio without requiring a server. With the new upgrade, Exstreamer M400 decoders and speakers equipped with IP Former can now be registered as endpoints in IC Paging deployments.

The new integration supports zones and multi-master setups while allowing prioritization of multiple tiers of audio sources including background music, paging, SIP calls, and interoperable, third-party mass notification solutions such as Singlewire Informacast and Intrado Revolution. Barix will highlight the integration at InfoComm in conjunction with the Annuncicom PS Touch, the company’s newest universal desktop master station for IP intercom, paging, and VoIP.

AES67 Interoperability

Newly added AES67 support enables Exstreamer M400 or IP Former units to be configured as dedicated AES67 receivers and decoders, enabling interoperability with Dante-compatible devices and seamless integration into AES67-based audio-over-IP networks. Support for SAP (Session Announcement Protocol) enables automatic discovery of Dante streams on the network. Additional methods such as mDNS, RTSP, and manual insertion of SDP information maximize compatibility with third-party audio-over-IP solutions that do not support SAP.

Enhanced Security, SIP, and Synchronization

The new update adds the ability to upload custom CA certificates for enhanced security in IP networks. Enhancements to the devices’ SIP implementation include ultra-fast call handling and source switching plus support for Secure SIP. Another new feature, based on patented Barix technology, enables synchronization of audio playout across multiple speakers in the same area over shared IP infrastructure, without the need for Dante or other dedicated audio-over-IP networks.

Large-scale IP Former or Exstreamer M400 installations can be easily deployed using the devices’ free, browser-based System Configuration Tool. Part of the devices’ standard firmware, it enables efficient remote configuration of dozens or even hundreds of units at once without requiring configuration software or appliances.

“The new updates to the Exstreamer M400 and IP Former further expand their integration possibilities,” says Davide Nossa, Product Manager, Barix. “IC Paging integration lets customers take advantage of the benefits of our latest hardware generation in our most flexible, advanced paging solution, while AES67 support enables interoperability with devices that support Dante, the industry’s most-used audio-over-IP standard. These additions and the efficient multi-unit deployment capabilities of the Exstreamer M400 and IP Former help reinforce these devices as ideal for integrators who need a flexible, easy-to-install decoder platform for any application.”

The new IC Paging integration, AES67 support, and other enhancements are available immediately as firmware upgrades for the Exstreamer M400 and IP Former.

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