Crestron announced today that Baldwin wirelessly-controlled door locks have joined the rapidly growing family of Crestron Connected devices. Long renowned for superior craftsmanship and style, select Baldwin Locks now come with infiNET EX® wireless technology built-in, allowing native integration into Crestron control systems. Homeowners can lock/unlock doors remotely from their favorite mobile devices and Crestron touch screens, or manually using a keypad or key (depending on model). Baldwin locks can also be set to automatically relock after 30 seconds.

Personalized access
With the new Baldwin locks, homeowners can personalize access to their residence(s) for family members, guests, contractors, and staff. The system can also monitor door position, battery status, and alarm status. What’s more, the locks can be integrated into automation scenes; for instance, when the door is locked/unlocked, the Crestron system can simultaneously turn lights on/off, adjust shades and temperature, and set the alarm.

More than just entry doors
Baldwin ultra-reliable door locks are recommended for front, side, and rear doors, as well as interior door applications. Homeowners can add keyless entry and increased security to home offices, private reserve cellars, and equipment closets – without the hassle of carrying keys around the house.

Multiple styles and finishes available
Baldwin locks with built-in infiNET wireless technology are available in the Soho and Boulder styles, which include motorized single-cylinder deadbolts with or without a pushbutton keypad. Manual operation via the keypad requires a 4-8 digit PIN code (each lock support up 30 unique pins). Homeowners can select from a variety of designer finishes with optional handle sets available in each finish.

About Crestron Connected
The Crestron Connected initiative embeds Crestron control intelligence into a wide selection of third-party products. With Crestron Connected inside, the manufacturer’s device is now part of the native Crestron network. The need for developing a software module is eliminated, enabling plug-and-play connectivity within a complete Crestron System, while supporting full customization.

Select Baldwin Locks now available with infiNET EX® wireless technology built-in, allowing seamless integration with Crestron control systems. – See more at:

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