B-Tech is hoping to make mounting the LG ultra-stretch display even easier, despite its abnormal dimensions. To achieve that ease of installation, B-Tech has revealed two new products to its System X range.

LG’s 86in, 58:9 ultra-stretch signage (86BH5C) display is already proving a popular choice with retailers who can mount the screen in a portrait orientation for maximum visual impact with a minimal footprint. It is also designed as an out-of-the-box menu board in landscape format, designed to save installation time and cost of setting up multiple screens and mounts.

To mount the display B-Tech has two options, one for landscape and one for portrait.

For landscape orientation, the BT9905 mounts the screen at a depth of 45mm, for a close to the wall installation which still allows enough room for easy access to connectors. For upright mounting, the BT9906 fits the display in portrait orientation, at a depth of 65mm.

Both mounts come with security screws as standard to help prevent unauthorised removal of the screen and height adjustment screws allow the screen to be levelled after installation.

Using B-Tech’s System 2 poles and collars, pole mounted installs are also possible, allowing mounting of LG’s ultra-stretch screen from ceiling, floor, or both if required.

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