AV Stumpfl is gearing up for its biggest ISE 2016 ever with a whole host of new products set to be revealed at the show.

The company wouldn’t share any details regarding the exact nature of several of the technologies it plans to launch, but did tease a new feature update to Wings Engine Raw.

At ISE 2016, AV Stumpfl will also showcase the Avio Manager 2 control network and architecture software that is designed to recognise the devices connected to it to aid with set-up, maintenance and support.

ISE is full of industry firsts and AV Stumpfl wants to be part of the crowd at the 2016 show. It plans to present a completely new Multi Master workflow for the Wings media server product range. This enables multiple operators to work together collaboratively on projects using the same media server outputs, regardless of location.

This means that one operator can control background projection whilst another can add overlays or add or change content live at runtime, even whilst the show is running.

Adorning the AV Stumpfl stand will be a giant curved Fullwhite projection screen that will be combined with the stand’s generation construction and Inviframe screen backdrop creation system.

The company will also be showcasing another projection screen innovation, although it won’t share details as to what this new ‘innovation’ entails.

The products it has confirmed that it will be showing off at ISE 2016 however, will include the company’s line-up of established screens including Monoblox, curved and motorised projection screens.

AV Stumpfl will participate in the ISE Commercial Theatre where Horst Damoser, head of media service sales will present ‘Real World 4K installations’ on Tuesday, 9 February at 17:00-17:30 and Oliver Hauser, head of project management and support, will present ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ focusing on network and control architecture on Wednesday, 10 February at 11:00-11:30.

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