Atlona is hoping to invade the classroom with what it calls a ‘simple, reliable’ switching mechanism for HDMI and VGA sources; the AT-HD-SC-500.

Billed as a ‘versatile video component ideal for classrooms and offices’, Atlona’s AT-HD-SC-500 is a three-input HD scaler which can select input signals through auto-sensing, front-panel control or remotely via RS-232 or IP control.

The new scaler, designed to take video signals from AV sources, switchers or computers, can scale them to an HDMI output in a wide-range of HDTV and PC resolutions, up to 1080p/60Hz and WUXGA (1920×1200). 

Audio features include a stereo input for the VGA source, de-embedded audio from the HDMI inputs, and a balanced stereo output.

“In many commercial and classroom settings, the requirement for video scaling is often accompanied by the need for signal switching as well as some audio processing,” comments Bill Schripsema, senior product manager. 

“From a practical perspective, the auto-switching capability of the HD-SC-500 makes selecting the AV input as simple as turning on the source equipment. 

“For more robust systems, the remote control features ensure installers can configure solutions that address wide-ranging customer needs.”

The new scaler accommodates two HDMI sources and one VGA source and provides one HDMI output.

In addition to RS-232 and TCP/IP control, the device features a built-in webserver with a GUI, allowing rapid, remote configuration. 

LEDs indicate power state and active input source, and front panel controls include manual source selection and volume adjustment, including mute. 

The HD-SC-500 can be rack-mounted (I RU height, ¼ RU width) or located adjacent to source or display devices. 

Power is provided by an included 5V power supply.

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