Atlona has announced it is now shipping its AT-UHD-HDVS-300-KIT, the industry’s first HDBaseT-equipped collaboration system, available from Midwich in the UK.

The new two-piece system provides 4K AV switching, USB and HDMI extension and system control. This is designed for PC-based conferencing using Skype for Business, WebEx and GoToMeeting cloud services with Midwich Ltd.

“At Midwich we understand that simple meetings demand simple systems and the award winning HDVS system allows you to do this,” says Naina Tailor, general sales manager, technical sales, Midwich.

“With this system attendees can walk into a meeting space, plug in their laptop, and start a cloud-based conference.  The system is so simple that they don’t notice the complexity to extend AV and USB signals or turn on/off the projectors and screens. All they see is one cable to connect it all.

“Our team is excited that Atlona’s system has been designed to eliminate the clutter and system complexity in huddle spaces where USB cameras and microphones are incorporated into professional AV systems, with just two devices and a single category cable.

“The new system is a welcome addition to our conferencing range, and we are looking forward to continued sales to the channel. Atlona’s technology has already opened up fantastic opportunities for us and our customers, and also complements our existing technologies perfectly within the technical video space.”

“This is a simple, elegant solution that eliminates a kluge of components and cabling that complicate system design, degrade reliability and confuse users,” adds Joshua Castro, product manager, Atlona.

“One key innovation is using HDBaseT to carry video from a display-mounted camera back to a hub that supports PC-based conferencing codecs. As a result, we can use just one category cable between the hub, the display and camera.”

“This new kit is going to have a lot integrators taking a long, hard look at Atlona for their huddle space solutions,” adds Joshua.

The AT-UHD-HDVS-300-KIT consists of the AT-UHD-HDVS-300-TX, which serves as the conferencing hub, video switch and HDBaseT transmitter. The AT-UHD-HDVS-300-RX, receives the HDBaseT signal and delivers an HDMI signal to the display.

The kit extends AV, Ethernet, control and USB, including a USB hub at both the transmitter and receiver. For the AT-UHD-HDVS-300-RX, USB connectivity is ideal for carrying camera video back to the hub.

Automatic input selection also allows for hands-free transitions between presenters. Integrated display control enables automatic display on/off control as well as volume adjustment.

The kit also supports the Atlona Management System (AMS), which enables remote access for product configuration, troubleshooting and system updates.

The AT-UHD-HDVS-300-KIT and all other HDVS series can be seen at ISE 2017 at Atlona’s booth 5-S92.


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