Atletico Madrid is set to get the world’s first stadium with LED pitch, façade and hospitality lighting from Philips Lighting, as part of its newly built stadium.

Under an agreement, Philips Lighting becomes Atletico Madrid’s official lighting partner for the next four seasons where the new stadium will be the first in the world to benefit from Philips ArenaExperience. With the Philips ArenaExperience multi-purpose LED stadia lighting system, Atletico Madrid will harness the power of lighting to create a lasting impression for its visitors, both outside and inside the stadium. The system will encompass LED lighting for the pitch, stadium façade and hospitality areas.

Miguel Ángel Gil, Atletico Madrid’s CEO commented on the agreement: “Philips is an ideal partner. Its respected corporate profile and position at the forefront of global LED lighting technology, guarantees that our fans will be able to enjoy the best lighting experience in our new stadium.”

“We are proud to be able to play a part in the history of Atletico Madrid by lighting the new stadium,” notes Josep Martínez, CEO of Philips Lighting Spain and Portugal. “The lighting has been designed specifically for this new space and should bring the stadium to life for fans from the moment they approach it from afar – to when they enter and experience the new ‘Neptuno’ premium hospitality area – right through to vivid illumination of a match on the pitch as well as on TV screens at home.”

Atletico Madrid’s new stadium, with a 67,000-seat capacity will be equipped with LED lighting technology from Philips Lighting. The pitch, access areas, façade, roof and the Atletico Madrid Premium and VIP hospitality areas, called Neptuno, will all be served by digital LED lighting, offering a dynamic lighting system.

The dynamic lighting makes it possible to project the teams’ colours at each match, giving an extra stimulus to the fans as they enter the stadium. Also, the system can change the lighting colour when a goal is scored or to create light shows designed specifically for each occasion.


The roof that is to be suspended above the pitch at the new stadium will be equipped with Philips VayaFlood LED lighting which can display more than 16 million colours. Philips VayaFlood, in conjunction with the new façade lighting using dynamic Philips ColorKinetics, will together create lightshows for visitors. Moreover, this dynamic lighting system can interact with the facade lighting or be operated independently.

The new Philips ArenaVision pitch lighting system with 336 Philips ArenaVision LED floodlights will illuminate the pitch from the 2017-2018 season. The lighting will guarantee maximum quality for television transmission and meet the latest LaLiga, UEFA and FIFA broadcast standards. At the same time, these floodlights can be switched on and off instantaneously or synchronised in light shows.

The Atletico Madrid Premium ‘Neptuno’ and VIP hospitality areas will be equipped with LED lighting, which is expected to deliver energy savings of more than 60% compared with conventional technologies.

Moreover, equipped with many lighting options, the new stadium will be able to adapt quickly and easily to meet the needs of different types of events from football matches to concerts.

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