Seven Investment Management receives a serious Harman/AMX technology injection for new London HQ courtesy of an AMX/Harman platform created by install company AT&C.

Founded in 2002 and with over £10 billion in assets under management and administration, Seven Investment Management  (7IM) combines investment management and banking products.

When the company moved into new offices in Bishopsgate, it knew that it wanted to make a number of strategic investments of its own.


Enter systems integrator AT&C and a Harman-centric technological solution, built around a core AMX architecture, which was designed to ensure that integrated systems not only support the 7IM business model, but add value to it, for maximum ROI.

Positioned on the western side of Bishopsgate in the City of London’s ‘Tower Cluster’, this seven-storey property presented a considerable challenge.

AT&C used AMX NetLinx technology to deliver the flexibility and fluidity on the large scale needed with a range of technologically enabled spaces that can be adapted to meet the company’s needs as these change and develop.

With the nature of the company’s business, reliability was of course key.

Alan Smith from AT&C explains: “7IM wanted to make the technological leap from quite a basic set up, with traditional meeting rooms, each with a screen and laptop connectivity, to a more technically sophisticated and agile model. In order to realise the company’s technological and workspace ambitions, we knew that investing in the right infrastructure would be absolutely key.”

“Put simply, AMX technology offers us the power to drive this kind of multi-functional environment, where rooms join-up and divide, at the touch of a button.”

Works areas are flexible and multi-functional

Works areas are flexible and multi-functional

Sitting at the heart of the solution, AMX NetLinx control technology allows all system components to be centrally managed and easily controlled, as part of one integrated solution.

In the small huddle areas, AMX 8-Button Massio ControlPads combine NX processing with the usability of a keypad, in a single unit; allowing AT&C to deliver AV control to these informal spaces, in a cost-effective way.

This set up delivers fingertip control of AV volume and inputs, as well as the ability to turn the system on and off, allowing 7IM’s work force to use the technology with no prior training.

Simple control points mean no prior staff training is needed

Simple control points mean no prior staff training is needed

In the boardroom, an AMX Enova DVX All-In-One presentation switcher handles both analogue and digital AV for audio and video feeds.

An all-in-one NetLinx controller, AV switcher, scaler, analogue to digital signal converter, twisted pair transmitter and amplifier with built-in audio processor, this unit integrates all of the typical standalone devices into a single box; giving 7IM a flexible solution.

7in table top Modero X Series control panels are in place to deliver control and a similar set up is repeated in two further boardrooms which offer additional flexibility as they can operate separately or an one larger space.

Table top control points offer ease of use

Table top control points offer ease of use

This flexibility is repeated in the video conferencing room which can be opened up and linked with three neighbouring huddle spaces, to form a collaboration environment with a different feel and capacity.

In both areas, pre-programmed system macros initialise controlled events that automatically reconfigure the system; turning certain screens off or on, whilst lowering or raising the projectors to match the desired configuration.

Ultimately the project provides the client with smarter ways to work, cutting down the need for face to face meetings and increasing collaboration within the building, which all the staff at all levels can use with little or no prior training.

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