UK Distributor of creative workplace solutions Ascentae announce anew partnership with Squirrels, a leading wireless audio and video transmission software development. Bringing enterprise-class wireless screen sharing and digital signage software to the UK market.

“We are delighted to bring Squirrels and in particular, Ditto, to the UK market. The requirement for simple to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage screen sharing and digital signage is proven and now needs to scale. The Squirrels portfolio fits in with Ascentae’s vision that a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and the value of user experiences is defined by great quality software that keeps ownership costs low and improves functionality over time. The partnership with Squirrels is exciting for all and we look forward to developing our shared vision in the UK with our reseller partners.” says Jon Knight, Managing Director at Ascentae.

Squirrels has produced software for nearly a decade that is being used by hundreds of thousands of end users through web store purchases and offers partners the ability to provide more unique and comprehensive AV solutions that can be customised for a wide range of collaborative environments, including conference rooms, classrooms, lobbies and spaces with digital displays. Ditto is their enterprise solution which represents an ideal opportunity to scale 2 solutions in one across an entire organisation – wireless screen sharing and digital signage. The Ditto software platform supports in-room wireless presentation of up to 4 simultaneous devices that can be any combination of Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome or Android devices. Whilst screens are not in use, digital signage can run to support communication of important messages such as health and safety, company news, how to use the room and much more.

“At Squirrels, we are excited to officially partner with Ascentae. Both Squirrels and Ascentae value collaborative and future-focused technology in the workplace and classroom. This partnership was born out of a similar vision, mission and drive for innovation. Ascentae is a proven technology distributor and they have the best expertise in local market needs. We know that Ascentae will be able to bring Squirrels enterprise screen sharing and digital signage software, Ditto, into the United Kingdom. We believe this partnership is a clear win for everyone involved.” concludes Emily Carle Hafer, Director of Channel Partnerships.

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