Ace Event was recently called on by lingerie brand Allande to technically manage its annual fashion show in Biarritz, delivering a full light, sound and video show for the 60m long catwalk.

Over 100 lighting fixtures were installed to highlight the venue and the new 2017 collection. Live and recorded content was projected on six screens, while complex video mapping animated the back of the stage.

Ace Event had to fit the venue with a sound system sufficiently powerful to cater for 600 people. The event stager opted for APG sound in order to overcome the complexity of the project and the various sonic challenges.

“In a fashion show, the technical side should be as discreet as possible, so that all the attention is directed towards the models and the designs they are wearing,” explains Ace Event sound engineer Pierre Arrangoïs. “Knowing that we had to work with a 60m long catwalk, we decided to deploy a multicast system with APG coaxial speakers, to ensure an evenly spread out sound right across the room, which we split into three distinct areas.”

The first area, where the models stopped for a few seconds in front of the audience, was handled by DX15 and DX12 loudspeakers hung on each side of the catwalk.

In the second area, two DX15 per side where installed, while the third area was fitted with two sets of three DX12 speakers. At the catwalk entrance, an ultra-compact multipurpose APG DX8 speaker coupled with TB218S subwoofers reinforced the sound system.

Low frequency sound coverage was handled by three groups of two APG UL115B dedicated bass speakers. The entire sound system was managed by Powersoft K2 and K3 amplifiers and APG digital processors.

“For complex projects such as this one, the versatility and level of performance of the APG gear gives us much needed flexibility,” concludes Pierre. “This allows us to sonically cover venues using fewer speakers, while meeting the end user requirements in terms of quality and cost.”


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