Habitech has announced a new deal to distribute Samsung’s revelatory ‘The Wall’ MicroLED screens to installers targeting residential and commercial spaces.

Habitech, says it is delighted to be able to offer Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ micro-LED display technology to UK integrators working on projects that demand ultimate performance and exclusivity.

‘The Wall’ blends MicroLED light with AI optimisation in a modular format for high-quality HDR results capable of delivery large screen sizes. Its makers claim the concept is destined to change the display experience forever, ‘delivering either as the most astonishing cinema-scale TV screen or a state-of-the-art, always-on canvas for a décor-enhancing high-resolution image gallery.

The Wall’s display comprises a lattice of MicroLED modules, which combine to create 16:9 screens with an impressive 146in diagonal and a 292-in span (approx. 7.5m). Each module measures 806.4 x 453.6 mm (around 36in diagonally), having a display resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. This means that a 4 x 4 build generates the 146in display at 4K UHD and an 8 x 8 construction re-creates The Wall with the 292-in diagonal at 8K res. The screen also has the ability to render the meeting of adjacent modules undetectable even up close.

Next gen MicroLED tech

Each MicroLED pixel is the product of a cluster of three tiny self-emissive RGB LEDs, allowing brightness and colour to be controlled precisely at the pixel level, or turned off entirely to create a ‘perfect’ black for maximum contrast and optimum colour. As a result, MicroLED tech generates a bright, contrast-rich display across wide viewing angles similar in many ways to organic OLED panels, but argues the maker, with considerably improved brightness, greater power efficiency and longer life.

In addition, The Wall’s ‘Black Seal’ technology and ‘Ultra Chroma’ colour technology ensure industry-leading contrast and colour fidelity, while its ‘Quantum HDR’ tech applies advanced HDR picture refinement technologies to render optimum brightness and contrast in every frame. And for seamless scaling, The Wall uses AI algorithms within its dynamic ‘Quantum Processor Flex’ processing to auto-upscale content to the correct resolution according to screen size and capabilities.

End-to-end support for resi and commercial

Samsung’s light engine has the versatility to inspire spaces beyond the home, in elite hospitality, office and retail, argue it backers. This means that in addition to the IW008R model designed for luxury living environments, Habitech will be supporting the CAT-connected IW008J and IW012J products, equipped with a pixel pitch of 0.84 mm and 1.26 mm respectively while mobilising Samsung’s proprietary Multi-Link HDR scene analysis, which turns any content into HDR quality without special meta-data. 

The Wall is now on display as part of Habitech’s new demonstration suite at Basingstoke. Please contact Habitech to arrange a visit.  

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