NETGEAR has announced a strategic relationship with AMX by HARMAN, the industry pioneer in AV over IP technology. NETGEAR professional AV switches are now the recommended choice for all AMX AV over IP installations worldwide. AMX AV solutions are used around the world in a range of corporate, education, and government applications.

The AMX SVSI line of networked AV products represents over 10 years of experience in the burgeoning AV over IP market backed by the power of HARMAN Professional, a Samsung Company. After comprehensive testing, the AMX team verified that the NETGEAR M4250 and M4300 series of switches provide the best experience for their most discerning customers.

“Our N-Series of networked AV products combined with the NETGEAR Pro AV switches provide a fantastic solution,” notes Jamie Trader, Vice President, Video & Control at HARMAN International. “In addition to the HARMAN Video & Control group, our Audio and Lighting groups will also benefit from the many features built into these switches – especially Power over Ethernet (PoE). No other switch manufacturer delivers the same performance and feature set.”

The strategic relationship between the two companies also includes AMX’s development of an integration module for the M4300 switches to monitor network status. Leveraging AMX’s Remote Management Suite (RMS) and the NETGEAR M4300 application programming interface (API) will help customers ensure the network is running smoothly.

“We are delighted that AMX recommends NETGEAR switches for SVSI deployments,” remarks Laurent Masia, Director of Product Line Management for Managed Switches. “Our collective efforts to achieve interoperability and technology integration will result in a superior experience for Harman’s customers.”

Professional AV Switches

Leveraging the successful M4300 line of managed switches, NETGEAR designed the new M4250 series of switches from the ground up with input from the AV community. NETGEAR drew upon over 25 years of networking experience to ensure these Pro AV-targeted switches had what it takes for the demanding rigors of sending audio, video, and control signals over an IP network. As a result, NETGEAR is fast becoming the most recommended switch vendor for AV over IP deployments.

M4250 Series Switches

The new AV Line of M4250 switches are engineered for AV over IP and designed for clean integration in an AV rack, under a table, or behind a display. Models with PoE+ and Ultra 90 PoE++ allow powering of AV endpoints and more. Built with NETGEAR IGMP Plus, Auto-LAG, and Auto-Trunk for automatic and dynamic configuration – even with multiple switches.

The easy-to-use AV interface helps integrators conquer the typically tedious AV over IP switch configurations. The installer need only select the protocol or vendor and then select the applicable ports. From there, the NETGEAR M4250 will automate the remainder of the configuration, resulting in less time spent on the network configuration and more time focusing on the other parts of the installation.

M4300 Series Switches

The widely respected M4300 series switches offer a variety of models to address customer’s port count and connectivity requirements. They can also be stacked, thus enabling larger AV configurations. NETGEAR IGMP Plus ensures robust multicast performance without fear of flooding the network. The M4300 is PoE+ capable, has a non-blocking backplane, and is designed to deliver superior multicast performance for a range of AV over IP protocols.

Wide Range of Applications

From conference rooms to college campuses to sports and performing arts venues, the NETGEAR M4250 and M4300 switches have already been proven around the world. The strategic relationship with AMX by HARMAN enables the most advanced AV solutions using IP technology.

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