John Niebel has joined amBX as CEO, where he will guide the company and lead it to fulfil its full potential.

Prior to joining amBX, John served at Lutron. There, amongst many roles, he set up and ran the company’s residential and shading businesses, although he has worked in lighting control positions for the majority of his working life.

“I think this is the most interesting time ever to be involved with lighting controls,” John tells Commercial Integrator Europe.

“There are massive changes happening in light sources and control technologies. Combine these with the better understanding of how light can affect our health, wellbeing and productivity and you have the beginnings of a revolution with regards to the uses of lighting controls. amBX is the only company I have seen that has the inherent ability to truly exploit these changes and produce experiences beyond what has been seen before.

“To this role I will bring vision, enthusiasm, a wealth of experience and an understanding of just what this company can achieve and how to achieve it.

“We have a tremendous team at amBX who individually and collectively have skills and abilities that are world class, it’s my job as CEO to guide the company and lead them to fulfil their and the company’s potential.”

When asked what amBX’s mission for 2015 and the future is, John states: “To capitalise on the major projects we completed in the past year and spread the word about the fantastic experiences our technology can bring to all kinds of environments.

“What makes amBX stand out from other intelligent lighting control companies is the people and the technology,” he furthers.

“We have some incredibly smart people in the company and the new technology they have created is, I believe, a generation beyond what is currently available. I can see us moving to a world where programming of systems is no longer necessary and where everyone will have the ability to configure and control their own environment intuitively and simply.”

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